Sometimes a weekend just can’t fit into two days

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sometimes a good weekend can start as early as Thursday morning, as mine did this past week.

St. John Parish Deputy Elbridge Charlton and his wife, Kerry, have coffee at PJ’s almost every morning.  Last Thursday, as usual, we greeted each other, casually, and he shared that on Easter Sunday, the First Baptist Church of LaPlace was going to have a “Sunrise Service” at the Veteran’s Home in Reserve at 7:00 a.m.  I said I’d be there.

Later that morning, as I was going into the Reserve Post Office, Father Rodney, the pastor of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, was leaving.  “How’s one of my favorite pastors?” I asked.  He smiled and said, “I’m doing well, thank you.”  He added, “Since my kidney transplant, I feel great!”  “What Mass are you celebrating Sunday?” I asked.  “I’ll have the 8 o’clock mass,” he replied.  “I’ll be there,” I said, as I gave him a hug.  I’ve never met a gentler or more sweet-spirited man that Pastor Rodney.

Friday night, my granddaughter, Amber, who is expecting our third great-grandchild, arrived from Birmingham.  On Saturday, we celebrated with her and most of the family at her mom and dad’s home in Reserve.  It was a great day!  

That night, after I spoke at a drug treatment center, a young man, bound with guilt, went to my wife and shared his hurt with her.  We were able to pray with him, as he asked God to forgive him and asked Jesus into his heart.

Sunday morning, God’s blessings continued.  I attended the “Sunrise Service” at the Veteran’s Home.  It was good to see Elbridge, Kerry, and many others from the First Baptist Church minister to the veterans in attendance.  Nothing can replace the joy that is experienced at a service celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  

I hurried over to Our Lady of Grace Church (arrived about five minutes late) to celebrate Easter with my special friend, Father Rodney.  The service, like all of his services that I’ve attended, was anointed.  One thing I like about Catholic churches is that their services only last an hour.  Evidently, they realize that it doesn’t take God long to touch people.

When our family got together for lunch, I shared my day with them.  I told them I was impressed with the way the congregation was dressed at the church service.   Obviously, they were dressed in their best and in a most respectful manner with a reverence for God whom they were worshipping.

I thank God for blessing me with an exciting weekend, which all started Thursday morning.

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