Despite odds, God can perform miracles in toughest circumstances

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 18, 2008

By Harold Keller

Having the opportunity to speak at drug treatment centers, I meet many people who are battling addiction.  When a person is scheduled for release after a 28-day stay, I tell them to keep in touch, take one day at a time, and stay sober.  I then add that if they complete a year of being drug-free, I would like them to come back to the center and give a short testimony.  

The people who remain drug-free after treatment are less than 5%.  Those who keep in touch and return after a year of sobriety are very few.  

Last year, a young man from Morgan City called, said he had just celebrated a year of being drug-free, and wanted to come back to Fontainebleau Treatment Center as I suggested.  He made the trip and it was exciting for me and my wife to see what God had done in his life.  He shared that he, his wife, and children were doing well.  I told him that maybe he could do this again next year.

Last week, I received a call from the same young man.  He said, “Mr. Keller, it’s been two years!  Is it OK for me to meet you this Saturday night at Fontainebleau Treatment Center?”  I assured him that it would be a pleasure and looked forward to his visit.  

He shared with the men at the rehab center that two years ago, he was there trying to quit drugs.  “I’m happy to say that I came back to tell you that I’ve been drug-free ever since.  God has given me a business and has healed every hurt in my family.”  He also shared how he struggled to start his business, but did not get discouraged, and, today, his business is successful.

In closing, he said that a few years ago when he was on drugs, the local recreation center banned him from the park.  “This year,” he said, “they called and asked if I would sit on the Recreation Board.”  With a big grin, he said, “That’s what God has done for me.”

As we parted ways, I told him that he has to do this again next year.  He agreed.

I was reminded, again, that the greatest miracle is a changed life.

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