God has a plan for your life that is only meant for you

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 7, 2008

By Harold Keller

In the world, every person is replaceable.  Regardless of what happens to the most powerful and influential people on earth, someone is always ready to step in and take their place.  

John F. Kennedy, while president of the greatest country on earth, was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas.  Lyndon Johnson, the vice-president, was positioned to step in and take control of the presidency.  The nation mourned as its leader’s life was prematurely ended.  Regardless of the power of his office and his ability to govern, John F. Kennedy was quickly replaced.  That’s the way the world operates.  There is always someone ready to fill in and take another person’s place.

God’s plan for His Kingdom is contrary to the world’s system.  In God’s plan, He has no substitutes for a person.  

The first time I heard this, I was on a retreat at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Covington, Louisiana.  I was feeling a little low and sorry for myself because of conditions I brought upon myself.  

Father Tom Cronin, the retreat director, and I had a private meeting.  After I shared my feelings about life and my depressed spirit, he looked at me and said.  “Harold, if you ever realize how much God loves you, you will then start loving yourself, realizing  that you are special and have a purpose in life.”  

He continued, “Tomorrow, the Saints are going to play a football game.  What happens if the star player gets hurt?”  “They put in a substitute,” I answered.  “If the substitute gets hurt, what then?” he asked.  “They put in another substitute,” I replied.  “That’s right!” he said.  “In life we have substitutes, but God’s plan for us is for us only – no substitutes.”  

He then added, “If the game plan God has for you is not executed by you, one day you’ll have to answer to Him.  Always remember that God’s plan for your life is for you alone – no one else.  That should make all of us feel special.      

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