Published 12:00 am Monday, October 23, 2006

Six from River Parishes named to top 100 in state



LAPLACE – Kat Bocz, chief nursing officer at River Parishes Hospital, probably summed things up perfectly on Tuesday at a special luncheon honoring six nurses there.

&#8220The people in this room are really what nursing is all about,” she said.

The special day was to honor six nurses at River Parishes Hospital who had been selected in the &#8220100 Great Nurses” honor for Louisiana this year.

Named to that elite list were Denise Hymel, Beth Freitas, Jeannie Krawczyk, Paula Roussel, Sharon Tamporello and Lisa Vicknair.

They bring the total of RPH nurses on that list over past years to 22.

The award is given annually by the Great 100 Nurses Foundation.

Scott Boudreaux, CEO of the hospital, told the nurses that he not only appreciated the work they did on the job, but also in their own family life.

&#8220It means a lot to me to see all of you honored, but not just for the job you do for us,” he said, &#8220but also for the way you have done the same thing for your families. I feel really proud of all these folks since they not only do a great job for us, but they do it with such a great attitude.”

Krawczyk, an RN in the Intensive Care Unit, has been a nurse for 24 years, and in ICU for 19 years.

&#8220We might not have all happy times there, but there is so much satisfaction taking care of critical patients and seeing them get better,” she said. &#8220Sometimes it can get hard when that doesn’t always happen, but even in dealing with families facing those situations, I think we can help them through those tough situations.”

Roussel works in Women’s Services and said she just likes the one-on-one care she can provide for patients at the hospital.

&#8220I feel like I’m really helping people, and to work in the OB area and see the job of a new life beginning is just wonderful,” she said, having been at RPH for 10 years.

Freitas, who was named the Nurse of the Year at the hospital earlier in the year, said the entire honor was just humbling to them all.

&#8220My philosophy in doing this job is the same as the way I approach my personal life,” she said as a six year Surgical Services RN. &#8220I treat the patients just like I want my family to be treated. This honor is humbling, and I was very surprised, although it’s really what we are all striving for in our profession.”

Vicknair, also in Surgical Services, has been at RPH for four years and in the profession for five.

&#8220I feel very privileged to get this award after being a nurse for just five years,” she said. &#8220But I love surgery and patient care. It gives me an opportunity to be with someone all day from start to finish, and see them recover and get better.”

Hymel works in the Wound Care Center and said she was &#8220very honored to be named for this award since I love my profession. I like the award simply since it is awesome for those who love to give to others, and I’m really just as excited for my co-workers who are here.”

Past recipients include Diane Abbondante, Mary Katherine Bocz, Tiffanie Bougeois, Donna Cardella, Patricia Cortez, Jane Ehrhardt, Theresa Gommel, Lori Grady, Joleen Hays, Kaye Keller, Donna Madurski, Mary Ann Moody, Jane Naquin, Sylvester Pawol, Pam Pourciau, and Mary Ryan.