Second dead body found

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 21, 2005

Sheriff’s Office reports latest victim found in Godchaux Canal in Reserve


Staff Reporter

RESERVE – Another body was found in St. John Parish in the Godchaux Canal in Reserve right before Regala Park, on Thursday afternoon.

Maj. Mike Tregre, spokesman for the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office said, an abandoned vehicle was found near Godchaux Canal on Wednesday afternoon.

&#8220The man’s son reported the guy missing on Thursday morning,” Tregre said. &#8220After the call was received, we went back out to where the vehicle was found. We did a search of the entire area and found the man’s body in the Godchaux Canal.”

Tregre said the vehicle that was found was believed to be owned by the man the same man. He also said no signs of foul play are expected.

At this time it is reported that this body is unrelated to the body found on Nov. 7 floating in the waters by interstate 55, about five miles north of Peavine Road.

That case is still under investigation, and no identification has been made on the body. Decomposition has made it difficult to get fingerprints, but DNA and dental records are the next step in the investigation, according to St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The body near Peavine was found when a truck driver spotted it floating in the water, and St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office was notified.

The body was pulled from the water by a search and rescue team.

According to reports the body had to be in the water less than a week.

The man was brought to shore wearing a white shirt, with an white undershirt and white socks.

His body had tatoos, one of which looked like a pitbull, his ears were pierced and he had a ring on his left hand.

Tregre also said that even though St. John Parish population has increased, it is not believed to be a factor in the recent body findings.

Although many people thought crime would increase in the area due to the some $15,000 extra residents, it has not had a huge effect on crime in the parish, according to Tregre.

&#8220It’s been pretty quite,” Tregre said. &#8220Not a lot has been goinig on, which is a good thing.”