Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bon Jour.

I’m the new guy here. Note the new duds and silly grin.

I’ll be trying to help everybody make sense of the high school sports scene in the hectic season that is ’05.

First off, I am from here. I spent time on Chickadee St., Carrollwood Ave. and Wildcat Drive. You may already know one of my two little brothers (Nick and Ryan), the wrestling jocks who made some ink in state tournaments, or one of my two little sisters (Kristi and Brittany), who are products of East St. John. You might also know my mom (I just call her Mom) from Shannon’s Health and Fitness. If so, you’ve probably just referred to us individually as “Peppo,” or collectively as “them Peppo’s.” And we’re all doing pretty well these days considering all things. But thanks for asking.

So I do have hometown credentials. I know how committed the River Parishes are to their sports. I understand that parents and coaches are trying to instill and cultivate growth, talent and maturity in these student-athletes. And it’s obvious that the kids (should you really call a 6’3 240 lb. linebacker a kid?) are competing for not only pride and spirit, but scholarship and opportunity.

That said, this season’s importance is even more significant because of all of the destruction, disruption and uncertainty just down the road in New Orleans.

So to help recap this season, and to see where your child or alma mater’s team stands heading into the playoffs, we’ll compile the season standings and remaining district matchups to publish next week

Besides football, volleyball is winding down and basketball is getting rolling. And beyond high school competition, this section can serve local athletic clubs or sports organizations, so to any coaches, organizers, parents or athletes: drop us a line for any coverage, announcements or story ideas. Send it online to or call us at (985)652-9545

Please feel free to let me know what you think.

Because seriously, I’d love to touch base with as many people as I can. Your commitment is contagious. Share it with me. I can be just as committed because I’m a fan.

Plus I’m a Saints fanatic. Doesn’t everybody say that relentlessly sticking with the Saints qualifies you to be committed?