Child beaten, mom booked in Luling

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 25, 2005

22-month-old now in hospital


Staff Reporter

LULING – On April 15, Simone Harris, 26, of Luling, was arrested after her 22-month-old daughter was brought to the hospital throwing up blood.

The child was brought to St. Charles Hospital by her aunt. After further testing, the child was said to be suffering from several fractures in her body and internal bleeding, according to Chief of Investigations Sam Zinna of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

“The aunt brought the child in,” said Zinna. “She lives in the same apartment with the mother, her sister.” The child had several fractured ribs, internal bleeding and the skull was impacted.”

After the testing the child was transferred to Children’s Hospital, where it was realized the child was severely abused and determined the victim’s injuries to be allegedly purposely inflicted, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

“After the information we gathered, the mother was arrested,” said Zinna. “She is now being held at the St. Charles Nelson Coleman Correctional Center and has yet to confess to the charges.”

Simone Harris was charged with second degree cruelty to a juvenile and aggravated second degree battery. She is being held on a $100,000 bond, set by Judge Robert Chaisson.