River Parishes seats up for grabs

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 20, 1999

ERIK SANZENBACH / L’Observateur / October 20, 1999

Ah, the weather has finally turned cool, the leaves are falling, pumpkins are ripe, babies are being kissed, hands are being shaken, speeches are being made and signs are everywhere. It can only mean one thing. It’selection time in the River Parishes.

Just to remind readers who their choices are Saturday, here is a general wrap-up of all the candidates running for office in the River Parishes.

Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.State Senate: There is only one local state senate race this year, and that is in District 19. The incumbent is Sen. Ron Landry, and hisopponent is Joel Chaisson II, the former state representative from the 56th District.

House of Representatives District 56: Running for Joel Chaisson’s old seat is a slate of five candidates: Brian Champagne, a St. CharlesParish Councilman; businessman Wildfred “Bill” Gallardo Jr.; MichaelK. Henderson, a technician at Union Carbide; chiropractor Dr. KennethD. Pace and lawyer Gary L. Smith Jr.District 58: There are only two candidates for the district that represents St. James Parish. Roy Quezaire Jr. is the incumbent and hasserved eight years in the state House of Representatives. His opponent isa life-long resident of Gonzales, A. Wayne Lawson.ST. JOHN PARISHParish President: There is going to be a close four-way race to take the reins from retiring parish president Arnold Labat. Businessman Carl”Butch” Baloney is a former member of the St. John Parish School Board.Chief Administrative Assistant for St. John Parish, Pat McTopy, ismaking his first election run after serving the parish is various departments for the past 17 years. Teacher and former parish councilmanMike “Coach” Maggiore wants to bring people together if elected, and District 5 councilman Nickie Monica is hoping to build a new St. JohnParish if he is elected.

Sheriff: Incumbent Wayne L. Jones feels his experience as a lawmanwill get him re-elected. Running against Jones is local businessman andformer law enforcement officer Shannon Penn, who feels his lack of political affiliations makes him the best candidate for sheriff.

Clerk of Court: This race like the parish president contest is more than likely going to end up in a November run-off. District 4 Justice of thePeace Eliana DeFrancesch wants to modernize the office of clerk of court. Wanting to make the clerk of court accessible to the people is thewish of probation officer Ronnie Fiest. Modernization and upgrading arealso the campaign promises of Audrey Holmes and Jeffrey “Jeff” Montegut. Holmes says her 38 years as assistant clerk of court qualifiesher for this office, and Montegut has 25 years in the real estate mortgage business.

Assessor: Incumbent assessor Henry Hotard Jr. has been assessor for25 years. His opponents are Dale J. Madere, a retired insurancebusinessman who says he will fight for the homestead exemption, and local businessman, Lester Millet III, who wants to improve the quality of life in the parish.

Councilman at Large Division A: This is a four-man race for the former seat held by Dale Wolfe, who is now running for the District 3 seat.

First up is Kevin Duhon, councilman from District 2. Also running isCleveland Farlough, retired educator and the former superintendent of the St. John Parish schools. Saying he is just a common man is collegegraduate student Charles Julien. Rounding out the candidates is Clinton”Rock” Perrilloux, who has been councilman for District 3 for the past two terms.

Councilman at Large Division B: Incumbent Duaine Duffy says he wants to build a healthy business climate in the parish. Local businessmanRuben Keating wants to make the parish a better place for his children, and District 6 councilman Joel McTopy wants to ease the conflicts between the council and the administration.

Council District 1: Incumbent Perry Bailey has been representing the west bank of the parish for the past term and wants to continue his work.

He is running against constable Milton Cox Jr., and Edgard residentLester Rainey Jr.

Council District 2: This district race is the largest in St. John witheight candidates vying for Kevin Duhon’s council seat. Remy Amadee isan employee of Marathon/Ashland Petroleum Co. and says he will do hisbest if elected. Teacher and businessman David Beadle considers himselfa public servant and team player. At 23 years old Albert Burl III, afuneral director, is the youngest candidate running for office in St. JohnParish. Auto mechanic, pilot and farmer Pierre Cambre claims thepeople’s problems are his problems. Former school principal Isaiah “Ike”Jones says he can’t perform miracles, but can make a difference.

Christopher Ory is retired from the Navy, a volunteer firefighter and wants to represent the forgotten areas of Reserve, Garyville and Mt. Airy.Allen J. St. Pierre is a former councilman from District 2 and was thedirector of Public Works for the parish. A retired career Marine andveteran of the Persian Gulf War, Norman V. Volion, wants to beaccountable to the people.

Council District 3: There are only two candidates on the slate for Clinton Perrilloux’s seat on the council. A veteran of the Vietnam War andco-founder of the Advocates of St. John, Michael Carter wants to makeDistrict 3 prosper. Councilman at Large District A, Richard “Dale” Wolf,an employee of the St. John Public Schools, describes himself as a man ofaction and a man of the people.

Council District 4: This two-man race pits incumbent and local businessman Ranney Wilson against another businessman and former alderman of Gramercy, Sidney “Sid” Morgan.

Council District 5: This two-person race is between two newcomers trying to win Nickie Monica’s seat on the council. Contractor and employeeof Marathon/Ashland Jobe’ Boucvalt, says the best trait for a councilman is the ability to listen. An environmental manager forStockhausen Co., J.A. “Jackie” Donaldson says she wants to promote ahealthy balance between industry and community.

Council District 6: This three-person race will decide who sits in Joel McTopy’s former seat on the council. Twenty-six-year old Lael AndrewAlexander, a former member of the U.S. Navy and a college graduatestudent, wants to work for economic development in the parish. Localbusinesswoman Oja Allen wants to reduce flooding and get more programs for the area’s children. Educator and administrator Melissa T.Faucheux wants to improve recreation and programs for the youth of the parish.

Council District 7: Incumbent Steven P. Thornton has served oneterm on the parish council and would like to continue his work. He isrunning against insurance businessman, Steve Lee, a former councilman from District 7 who wants to return to public service.

Justice of the Peace District 1: This west bank race pits two newcomers against each other. First is Virgie Jarrow Johnson, is alibrarian and club owner. Roger “Flat” Lumar, a resident of Edgard, sayshe wants to try and work for the people.

ST. CHARLES PARISHParish President: This four-man race includes former Councilman at Large Donald J. Hogan Sr and former parish president Albert D. LaqueSr. Throwing his hat in the ring is retired businessman Archie Mollere,who has run in several parish elections. Finally, the St. Charles ParishParks and Recreation director and former New Orleans Saint Russell “Rusty” Rebowe is hoping to lead St. Charles Parish in the newmillenium.

Assessor: Former banker and local businessman Earl Clements is running against incumbent Clyde A. “Rock” Gisclair, who has beenassessor in St. Charles Parish for the past 27 years.Clerk of Court: Hershel M. Langley, a inspector for Mobil Oil, isrunning against incumbent Charles Oubre Jr., who is seeking his fifthterm in office.

Councilman At Large Division A: Former Police Juror and present councilman from District 5, Curtis Johnson Sr., is running againstincumbent Ganesier “Ram” Ramchandran, who seeks his second term.

Councilman At Large Division B: District 1 councilman Ellis A.

Alexander and financial consultant, Clayton “Snookie” Faucheux Jr.

are both running against incumbent William “Bill” Sirmon Jr., who isseeking his second term.

Council District 1: Three newcomers to politics are running for Ellis Alexander’s seat. Financial account executive Desmond Hilaire iscompeting against former teacher, the Rev. Dan Washington Jr., andUnion Carbide employee, Terrell “T-Bone” Wilson.

Council District 2: This is a two-person contest between supervisor at IT Corp., Brian A. Fabre, and real estate agent and antiques store-ownerEdilia Kolb.

Council District 4: Incumbent Terry P. Authement is seeking asecond term against former District 4 councilman Bert “Danny” Somme.

Council District 5: Five candidates are vying for the seat being vacated by Curtis Johnson Sr.

Special education teacher April Winn Black is running against Monsanto employee Harold “Chris” Brimmer, project supervisor Leslie Carter, bus driver James “Jim” Easley Sr. and businessman Richard M. Smith.Council District 6: This is Robert A. “Bobby” Colon’s second run forthis office. He is running against sales representative Lance Marino.Council District 7: Councilman-At-Large Barry Minnich is hoping to win a seat in District 7 against former Justice of the Peace Irv Sanchez Jr.

ST. JAMES PARISHParish President: Incumbent Dale Hymel has been parish president since 1992 and is running for his third term. He faces public schoolprincipal Ridgely Mitchell Jr. and Waterford III employee Gary Ricks.Sheriff: A captain on the Gramercy Police Department, Clayton “Bubby” Deslatte, is hoping to beat out former federal correctional officer S.L.King Jr., and incumbent Willy J. Martin, who has served as St. JamesSheriff since 1992.

Assessor: Former Justice of the Peace for the 5th District, Eileen “Candy” Jasmin, is running against incumbent Glen Waguespack, who has been assessor since 1997.

Council District 2: Pharmacist Jude F. Poche faces off againstincumbent Timothy “Timmy” Roussel, who is seeking his third term as councilman.

Council District 3: Nalco employee Timothy “Droopy” Bourgeois, real estate agent Glenda Jeansonne and IMC-Agrico employee Wilson F.

Malbrough Jr. are all running against incumbent Eric Poche, who hasbeen on the council for the past 12 years.

Council District 4: IMC-Agrico employee Emile “Melo” Augillard and computer repairman Richard Burton Jr. are competing for the District 4seat against incumbent Ralph Patin Jr., who has served on the councilfor eight years.

Council District 5: This is a five-man race that pits Lawrence “Lalo” Ambrose, Charles “I Spy” Donald Ketchens, James Mitchell and Stanley B. Vedol against incumbent Oliver B. Cooper Sr.Council District 6: Incumbent Elton Aubert is seeking re-election and running against evangelist and public speaker Wanda Dumas Pierre.

Council District 7: James “Jimmy” Brazen, is seeking a second term as councilman and running against Vacherie resident Henry “T-Hen” Brock.

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