Non-teaching employees honored

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 9, 1998

ANNA MONICA / L’Observateur / November 9, 1998

RESERVE – Non-teaching employees at East St. John High School seem tohave a “league of their own,” and apparently a rather pleasant or happy one, at that. A really happy one if you look at the performances andattitude of such employees as Priscilla Morgan of Reserve and Dawn Dottolo of Garyville.

Part of their happiness seems to come from the easy carefree banter they exchange with students in the halls, but another part is because of the awards they recently won. In May, Dawn, a special education aide, receivedthe “Employee of the Month” award from the school and Priscilla, a janitor, was the recipient in June.

Priscilla has been with the school for 30 years. She worked at LGHS in1969. She is the widow of Ernest Morgan, and their three children areSandy Dents of LaPlace, Yvette Matthews of LaPlace and Ernest Jr. ofReserve. She describes her reaction to receiving the award as “shockedand excited” and claims her abiding love for her work and the people she works for keep her going.

Dawn has one son, Duffy Dottolo of LaPlace, and when she received her award she was “happy, happy, happy.” She has been an employee of thesystem for 18 years. Having an evening janitorial-type job for the past 20years doesn’t diminish Dawn’s devotion to her daytime job. AssistantPrincipal Daniel Hymel Jr. can attest to the reliability and commitment ofthese employees and to the element of fun they inject into the atmosphere there.

At a faculty dinner in the library at the school, Priscilla and Dawn were presented monogrammed clocks in which they express extreme pride. Thenext step for these enterprising employees? They are planning a date to designate as “Janitorial Day” honoring all employees like them throughout the area. With Priscilla and Dawn, it could happen!

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