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Published 12:00 am Monday, September 21, 1998

By Walter J. Landry Sr. / L’Observateur / September 21, 1998

DEAR EDITOR: As the official leader of the St. James Parish School System, I wish tothank parents, community and religious leaders and public officials for assisting us in obtaining an excellent school year thus far. I am extremelypleased with the behavior of our public school students and those at St.

Peter Chanel.

In closing, I am pleased and thankful that the members of the St. JamesParish School Board have supported us in achieving the following: 1. Dress code for students.2. Dress code for all employees.3. Identification badge for students, personnel and board members.4. Elimination of school suspension during the school day (after-schooldetention).

5. ACT summit and after-school tutoring for seniors to help improvescores.

6. Nearly all teachers are certified.7. Thirteen principals are accountable for their schools.8. Full-time police officer at St. James High and Lutcher High schools,plus regular visits of police officers at all schools.

9. Daily visit of superintendent and supervisors to schools.10. Students from St. James High and Lutcher High schools attending RiverParish and Thibodaux vocational-technical schools during the school day.

11. New school buses.12. Special emphasis on assisting parents with special children.13. Supervisors assigned to attend PTO meetings.14. Appointment of Blue Ribbon Committee to study St. James High School.15. Reorganization of Central Office staff to ensure accountability.16. Handbook of all school and Central Office activities for the 1998-99school year.

Walter J. Landry Sr.Superintendent St. James Parish Schools

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