Parishes proclaim May ‘Get High on Life’ month

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 6, 1998

Michael Kiral / L’Observateur / May 6, 1998

LAPLACE – Parish officials in the tri-parish area have joined with Get High on Life founder Harold Keller to declare May as “Get High on Life Month.” The St. Charles Parish Council made the proclamation at its meeting lastweek, and the have St. John the Baptist and St. James parish councilsfollowed suit. In addition, St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne, St.John Parish Sheriff Wayne Jones and St. James Parish Sheriff Willy Martinjoined in supporting the proclamation.

Keller helped found the Get High on Life organization in February 1980 as a way to help fight the evils of drugs and alcohol abuse in the River Parishes. Get High on Life is a resource center that helps direct those whocannot afford it to rehabilitation centers. Keller works in familyintervention and has spoken in over 200 schools over the years. He said hehas received over 5,000 letters since the organization’s inception.

“It calls attention and makes people aware of the drug problem,” Keller said. “Everybody is directly affected, and unless we get together to fightthe drug war we are never going to win it. In unity, there is strength.”Over 3,000 bumper stickers will be distributed with the slogan “America, get high on life…not drugs.” Bumper stickers can be picked up at thesheriff’s offices in the three parishes.

Keller said he wants to thank the sheriffs, parish councils and parish presidents for supporting the organization. Keller said the sheriff’sdepartments are helping support the campaign by placing the stickers on all their vehicles. He reiterated his thanks for the sheriff’s departments,saying that drug dealers and users know there is zero tolerance in the River Parishes.

Keller said “Get High on Life Month” is being held in conjunction with Memorial Day. He said other activities are being planned.

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