The Reigning Andouille Queens: DoMonique Warren and Brooklyn Boe

Published 10:31 am Thursday, October 19, 2023

In the heart of St. John the Baptist Parish, the Andouille Festival is a time-honored tradition that brings the community together in celebration of their rich culture and the beloved andouille sausage. This year, the festival is poised to welcome two exceptional queens to lead the festivities – DoMonique Warren, the 2023 Miss Andouille Queen, and Brooklyn Boe, the 2023 Teen Andouille Queen.

Warren’s journey to the crown began years ago when she was just a child growing up in St. John Parish. She recalls seeing the queens parading around the festival grounds with their second-line umbrellas, all beaming with pride as they represented their parish. The desire to be in their shoes ignited a dream within her.

“I remember being younger and thinking, wow, what do I have to do to be where they are?” Warren said.

Seven years ago, at the age of 11, Warren took her first step towards this dream by participating in the Andouille Pageant. While she didn’t win that time, the experience was crucial, and it fueled her determination. 

Warren continued her pursuit,, always keeping the Andouille Festival close to her heart. The friendships she formed with fellow queens and the support of the previous Andouille Queen, Aubrey Brumfield, only added to her excitement and motivation.

When the moment arrived, and Warren stood on the stage at the Andouille Pageant, she was a mix of nerves and excitement. Being crowned was a surreal experience, and she couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. All her hard work and dedication had paid off, and she was overwhelmed with emotion.

“My mom always asks me, what were you thinking in that moment? And my answer is always, I don’t even know,” Warren said. “I think I was shocked more than anything. And the tears just came out of nowhere. I didn’t even know I would cry, but I think I was more shocked than anything because I had really wanted it and I had really taken the time to prepare for it.”

Brooklyn Boe, the Teen Andouille Queen, had a similarly thrilling journey. She remembers the mix of anticipation and nervousness that surged through her as she prepared for her moment on the stage. 

“At the beginning, as soon as I woke up, I was so ready to go get ready, get my hair done, get my makeup done. But then once I got backstage, all the nerves started to hit,” Boe said. “My left leg would not stop shaking and I was trying so many things to calm down, but once I actually got on stage to do my walk, it’s like I can’t even remember it. It was so unreal.”

The journey to her first pageant, Teen St. James, provided valuable experience, and when the opportunity to run for Teen Andouille Queen came, she was ready.

Although Boe currently lives in St. James Parish, she has deep roots in St. John with some of her family residing there throughout her life. 

Her coronation was a blur of emotions, and she couldn’t believe that she had won.

“I don’t even remember getting crowned,” Boe said. “I was still in shock three days after I got crowned. I was up there like, there’s no way I won, there’s no way I won. And then they called my name and everything just after that, I can’t even remember. That’s how much in shock I was.”

Both queens are taking full advantage of their opportunity to form a special bond, a testament to the unity and friendship that flourishes within the Rhinestone Sisterhood. They are eager to represent St. John Parish and introduce its unique culture and the Andouille Festival to visitors from near and far.

“We actually just went shopping a few days ago and we were gone for the entirety of an entire day,” Warren said. “So that’s my girl. I love Brooklyn. She’s a sweetheart.”

As the festival approaches, DoMonique and Brooklyn are filled with excitement. They’ve already been busy planning and shopping for the event. The Andouille Festival holds a special place in their hearts, and they are eager to share this cherished tradition with the world. 

“I can’t wait to introduce the people who are going to be talking and the bands,” Boe said. “That’s one thing I’m excited for, to introduce everybody.”

Boe’s friends and the faculty at Lutcher High School have showered Boe with support, offering congratulations since the pageant. 

“One of our disciplinarian staff, he greets us as we walk into the school every day, and every time I walk in, he and my other teachers call me Queen,” Boe said. “Now they don’t call me my name, they call me Queen.”

The entire community is excited to see their beloved queens lead the Andouille Festival, and both DoMonique and Brooklyn are poised to embrace their roles with grace and enthusiasm.

In just a short time, DoMonique Warren and Brooklyn Boe have captured the hearts of St. John Parish, and they are set to make the upcoming Andouille Festival an unforgettable experience.