Edler Group: Trusted real estate experts in the River Parishes

Published 5:13 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Brooke Robichaux

Amidst turbulent waters of an ever-changing real estate industry, the Edler Group has upheld a reputation of unwavering honesty and extensive experience while working with clients in the River Parishes.

What began as a partnership between longtime real estate agent Ched Edler and his son, C.J. Edler, has grown to include the talents of Austin Vicknair and, most recently, Candace Falgoust. Since forming in 2021 among the devastation of Hurricane Ida, the team has focused not only on weathering the storm, but creating a multi-generational impact while earning the respect and trust of the community. 

Ched was recently voted “Best Real Estate Agent” for the third year in the Best of the River Parishes online contest. To C.J., that honor came as no big surprise. He admires his father’s persistence and attention to detail.

According to C.J., Ched has served as an invaluable mentor to the younger agents in the group.

“When you are dealing with The Edler Group, you are dealing with experience. Ched has been in the business for more than 30 years, and there aren’t many situations that he hasn’t seen,” C.J. said. “People know we are going to be completely up front and honest with the numbers. There’s a lot going on in the industry where people are promised a certain price and it doesn’t work out, but we are committed to doing the right thing and marketing it the right way.”

Growing up, Ched never expected real estate would become his calling. 

Instead of going into the grocery business, where his father and one of his brothers worked, Ched found employment at the plant for a short period of time as a young man. Real estate wasn’t a conversation until an agent by the name of Don Cox brought him into the business in 1986.

Ched joined Latter & Blum in 1990, and the rest is history.

“There have been a lot of changes with insurance issues, interest rates, and a lot of movement out of our parish,” Ched said. “Being local, a lot of people know us. This is where we grew up. We all went to high school here. Our names are known by a lot of people. It’s the trust factor. We kept our name very good in this Parish. I know the River Parishes very well. Now that we have the younger generation with us, they are going to all the surrounding areas that I wasn’t going to before.”

The Edler Group has expanded its horizons beyond the River Parishes, reaching areas across Southeast Louisiana such as the Baton Rouge metro area and the North Shore. 

All these years later, Ched still enjoys the challenge of getting first-time buyers into their own home, especially when it means helping someone realize a dream they never thought would be possible. However, as time has passed, Ched has built a network of repeat clients.

“The newer members of the team work with a lot of first time homebuyers, whereas I tend to work with a lot of family estates. People who I have worked with in the past are re-hiring me,” Ched said. 

At one point, Ched’s wife was also working as a licensed real estate agent. Tina Edler now works as a paraeducator for special needs children at LaPlace Elementary. However, the real estate industry was solidified as a family tradition once C.J. became licensed in 2015. 

“That felt really good to see him want to do this with me, knowing that he went to college to play baseball. When he came over and said this was what he wanted to do, that was a great feeling. That was pride,” Ched said. “I knew we would make a great team together.”

C.J. recalled joking with his father about getting a real estate license, but it wasn’t something he truly considered until Ched started selling houses to his friends.

Being able to go on appointments with Ched as a new agent was huge, and I try to do that with new agents as well,” C.J. said.

The father and son duo worked well together, and two years ago, they brought St. James Parish native Austin Vicknair on board with The Edler Group. Candace McGaff Falgoust, who was licensed earlier this year and joined the group over the summer, also has extensive ties to the River Region as the daughter of local medical professionals.

While interest rates and insurance are continual challenges, the real estate remains active locally. 

“It’s good when you work aggressively and go after a lot,” Ched said. “If you are an agent and you keep thinking the work is going to come to you, you’re never going to succeed.”

The Edler Group is based at 513 W. Airline Highway Ste. D in LaPlace. For more information, call 504-496-2433 or email cedlerjr@latterblum.com.