She is my reason

Published 9:51 pm Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Tessa Naquin

Besides the fact that the position for a new Justice of the Peace in District 7 was open due to the recent retirement of the former, Todd Clement Sr., my next door neighbor of 24 years, it was an opportunity for not only a source of income for my family, but an opportunity for me to be able to work from home and be here for my exceptionally beautiful 14 year old daughter, Chloe. 

Like myself, a lifelong resident of St. John Parish, and a graduate of East St. John High School, Chloe now is a freshman there in the Alternate Assessment Program, but her needs require more supervision and attention than most other students her age. 

I decided to leave my 8 year long job at Lamarque Motor Company on October 13, 2021 with the concern of having a reliable source available before and after school for Chloe during the indefinite change of schedule after Hurricane Ida. It was a very stressful situation that led me to make the decision I had been considering for quite some time. Having a full time job was also taking time away from being able to spend time with helping her with school work, taking her to outside speech services and other appointments that were being put off for too long. Along with the positive result of leaving my job, there was also the negative, and that was having less income for my family. Shortly after the new year, my husband, Perry of 24 years, began a new career as a correctional officer for St. John Sheriffs Office. With the positive decision to change jobs also brought on another negative which was taking a pay cut from his previous employer. 

Although the change will be better in the long run, it has been a struggle for us to make ends meet with only one income. We are a family of 5 including our two older sons, Cameron 23 and Connor 21, who recently bought a home in Gonzales closer to his job. As we all experience the cost of living rise, it was important for us to have two incomes and that meant that it was time to start looking for a part time job so I could still be home for Chloe. 

One of Chloe’s exceptionalities is an intellectual delay but she still has “the capability of learning”. Running for the JOP position was indeed a major decision for me. Having little knowledge about the law and what a JOP does, didn’t steer me completely away from the possibility. Since I meet the simple requirements to run for the position, I decided to take a chance to become District 7’s new Justice of the Peace. Knowing that I am also “capable of learning” and have faith in myself and along with the required training that comes with the job, I know I can do well and serve my community just as well as Todd did and I can still be home for Chloe and also be available for my community. 

With all that being said, I’m asking the residents of St. John Parish in District 7 to please consider me, Tessa Naquin, to respectfully be your new Justice of the Peace. I want to thank you all who are currently supporting me and thank you in advance for anyone who will consider me on Election Day, Oct. 14, 2023.