Rosalyn Ruffin-Duley pursues purpose with legal practice

Published 7:33 pm Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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LAPLACE — With 15 years and counting in the legal profession, Rosalyn Ruffin-Duley of LaPlace knows she is fulfilling her life’s purpose each day she assists families in the River Parishes and beyond with auto accident, personal injury and family law cases.

Ruffin-Duley was fascinated with the legal profession from the time she was 12 years old. Drawn to the confidence attorneys exuded on television shows, she soon realized law could become a pathway for her to help others.

Yet she quickly abandoned the idea of becoming an attorney, fearing it would be a difficult task. She majored in journalism instead, but as she was walking across the stage, diploma in hand, she knew in her gut that it wasn’t what she wanted. The feeling that she was out of place didn’t fade after she obtained a second degree in philosophy.

At 31 years old, she resolved that it was finally time to follow her dream.

“Now, after 15 years of being in practice, I know that this was my purpose. I’m glad I listened to my heart and took the plunge to enroll in law school,” Ruffin-Duley said.

Her vision for the future shifted when she got pregnant in her second year of law school. Being a present mom became her priority as she passed the bar exam and prepared to build her career.

“I looked at my son and said the only way I would be able to continue being present in his life was by creating my own situation. I started my own firm the month after graduation,” Ruffin-Duley said. “I have never worked for anyone, and I’m so grateful this community not only accepted me, but trusted me very early on in my career to handle their legal matters.”

The practice grew quickly. Six months in, Ruffin-Duley opened an office on New Highway 51 in LaPlace. In October 2022, after 14 years in the previous location, the office moved to 719 W. Fifth Street in LaPlace.

At the onset of her career, Ruffin-Duley handled a lot of family law cases including divorces, child support and custody matters. Over time, her practice has shifted more toward personal injury cases, auto accidents, workers’ compensation and successions, though she still handles family law on a case-by-case basis.

In the future, Ruffin-Duley envisions herself returning to school in the future to obtain her MBA and expand into business law.

She and her husband already operate multiple successful businesses, including the new Tri-Parish Uniform Store on Belle Terre Boulevard, a lawn care company, and snowball stands in Ponchatoula, Norco and LaPlace.

“Entrepreneurship is something I love being a part of. What I love about all of the businesses is that they service the community in a good way. Even something as simple as handing someone a snowball is bringing happiness to people,” Ruffin-Duley said.

Ruffin-Duley also serves as the current president of the 40th Judicial District Bar Association.

To reach the Law Offices of Rosalyn Ruffin-Duley, call 985-224-2520, email or visit 719 W. Fifth Street in LaPlace.