Diversity in Entrepreneurship Initiative accelerates growth for minority businesses

Published 8:44 am Saturday, September 9, 2023

BATON ROUGE — LED’s Diversity in Entrepreneurship Initiative, delivered in partnership with the Edward Lowe Foundation, aims to accelerate second-stage business growth for minority-and-woman-owned companies in Louisiana. With the unique challenges minority-and-woman-owned entrepreneurs face, program participants will be able to identify what scaling means for both their companies and their communities. They will then move on to develop and refine their business strategy and will be connected to the right tools and expertise to execute the strategy.

Participation in the virtual kickoff retreat helps to create an overall growth strategy, identifies strengths and weaknesses and establish commitment goals. The three monthly virtual roundtables allows participants to discuss pressing issues in a confidential environment. The customized strategic engagements provide strategic intelligence related to specific growth challenges delivered by a team of highly skilled specialists.

For consideration applicants must be a CEO, business owner, or key decision-maker inside the company. Company must have its principal place of business in Louisiana, employ at least five but not more than 100 employees, or have annual revenue between 600,000 and 50 million. The company should deliver products and services outside of their local markets or demonstrate the capacity to do so. The company must be organized to provide a lawful, commercially useful function.

Additional consideration will be given to companies that demonstrate past and potential growth.

Applications must be submitted online by September 30. See https://www.opportunitylouisiana.gov/small-business/special-programs-for-small-business/diversity-in-entrepreneurship-initiative