Meet the Candidates: Rodney Nicholas, House of Representatives District 57

Published 8:42 am Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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Rodney Nicholas

Date of Birth:10/15/1960

Profession/ Current Employer/ Retired: River Parishes Community College, Instructor

Why did you choose to run for State Representative? Many of my constituents encouraged me to run, believing that I have the knowledge and skillset to effectively represent House district 57 at the state level.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position? As a public servant and public policy major who has spearheaded policy reform on multiple levels of government to better our community, I believe that I have the knowledge and experience to propose legislation that will shape our future education policy and ensure that our educators get the funding and resources they need to be successful. My background as St. John Chief Deputy Assessor gives me the experience needed to help shape fiscal policy and the experience needed to make informed decisions concerning our state’s annual budget. My background in public policy and having served on multiple governing boards gives me a unique set of skills that complement researching, writing, proposing, and passing critical legislation.

What is the No. 1 challenge impacting our district, and how do you plan to address this? Education and Economic development are one of the great challenges impacting our district. I will address it by advocating that the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) is adequately funded, that K-12, and higher education are given the resources they need and that teachers are compensated like the professionals they are. Additionally, the river parishes are at a pivotal point in our state’s economic history and stability; as your representative I will be on the cutting-edge of prioritizing and appropriating critical infrastructure that we so desperately need and so rightly deserve. These are the two initiatives that will stimulate and accelerate economic and workforce development that will create new high paying jobs and employment opportunities for the river parishes.

What would you like to accomplish in the next four years?

  • Appropriate revenue for critical infrastructure needed in the river parishes to promote economic and workforce development.
  • Partner with the Port of South Louisiana to strategically develop economic initiatives for the river region that will facilitate exponential growth and development for our economy.
  • Adequately fund for the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP), K-12, and higher education and teacher salaries.
  • Effectively collaborate with other legislators and the US Army Corps of Engineers, Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority, and the Pontchartrain Levee District to expedite the completion of the West Shore Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction Project.
  • Effectively collaborate with other legislators and partner with the Commissioner of Insurance to find creative new ways to provide affordable homeowners insurance for those of us living in the river parishes who have suffered so long and lost so much.