Meet the Candidates: Michelle Sweeney, House of Representatives District 57

Published 8:07 am Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Michelle Sweeney

Date of Birth: June 1, 1968

Profession/ Current Employer/Previous Employment: I am currently working as a Louisiana Civil Law Notary Public with a life-time commission and have proudly served our community for the last 25 years. I am a self-employed, small business owner working in the river parishes since 1999. I also earned a college degree as a Paralegal and have worked at many plaintiff and defense law firms in my twenties and thirties. I have also worked as a college Professor teaching the Notary Public preparatory courses for many years in New Orleans. In my early 20’s I assisted in surgery, specializing in the Obstetrics and Neonatal departments.

Why did you choose to run for State Representative? My journey to represent Louisiana District 57 as State Representative is grounded in a profound love for our community. My community is my reason “Why” and the driving force behind my unwavering commitment to bettering our district. If granted the privilege of following in the service of our current esteemed leader, State Representative, Randal Gaines, I promise to remain a steadfast advocate for each and every one of you. Your voices matter, and I am here to listen, to understand your needs, opinions, and concerns. It’s not just about legislation; it’s about our shared vision of progress and prosperity. The trust you place in me will never be taken for granted. I am acutely aware that I work for all the people of District 57, and your dreams, struggles, and aspirations will always be at the forefront of my efforts. Together, we will tirelessly work to transform our community through impactful legislation that adds value and enhances our lives. Let’s move forward united, driven by our shared purpose, and create a brighter future for us all. I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position? With 55 years of life’s experiences behind me, I stand at a juncture where my house, once vibrant with the presence of my grown children, echoes with possibilities. For over two and a half decades, I have served our community with integrity and dedication as a Notary Public, fostering connections and facilitating growth. My journey has intertwined with many charitable organizations, and I remain committed to helping and uplifting those around me. As a Christian, my faith bolsters my hope for our collective future in the River Parishes. The challenges life presents have only fortified my resolve. Hurricane Ida may have stripped away much, but it has propelled the resilience of our community. The loss of my father – my pillar of strength, and the loss of many more great people and beloved friends during the turmoil of Covid-19, highlighted the importance of fostering a united and supportive environment. These experiences have solidified my belief that NOW is the perfect time in my life to elevate my service to my community and step forward as the most qualified candidate for State Representative for District 57. As a Louisiana Democratic Candidate for State House of Representatives in District 57, I bring a unique blend of experience as a lifetime commissioned Louisiana Civil Law Notary Public and a college-degreed Paralegal. This distinctive background has shaped my perspective on a range of vital issues that resonate deeply with the residents of our district.

What is the No. 1 challenge impacting our district, and how do you plan to address this?  We face many challenges in our community, but one of the highest priority challenges is the recovery and resilience efforts following Hurricane Ida. My personal experience of having lost everything to the hurricane, coupled with my commitment to our community and my role as a Civil Law Notary Public, positions me well to advocate for resources, support, and policies that can aid in recovery and revitalization of our community. My dedication to community service, and my understanding of the impact of natural disasters, uniquely qualify me to effectively navigate the complexities of disaster response and relief efforts, ensuring that the needs of the affected individuals, families and businesses in District 57 are heard and addressed. My ability to empathize and connect with those who have suffered, combined with my determination, makes me a strong advocate for recovery and rebuilding in the wake of such challenges. I am fully committed to introducing legislation aimed at providing affordable homeowners insurance solutions for our community members who have suffered immeasurable losses in the river parishes. Recognizing the profound impact of Hurricane Ida, I will work closely with the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner to explore innovative measures that ensure our residents can rebuild their lives without the financial burden of exorbitant insurance premiums. Furthermore, the urgent need to safeguard our community from future disasters is paramount. I will channel my efforts towards collaboration with local parish governments, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and other relevant stakeholders and community members. By advocating for and actively participating in the West Shore Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane Levee and Storm Drainage projects, I am dedicated to bolstering our region’s resilience against forces of nature. As your State Representative for District 57, I am resolute in my commitment to forging partnerships, seeking innovative solutions, and working for the betterment, restoration, and elevation of our community. Together, we can navigate these challenges, rebuild stronger and safer, while ensuring that the voices and concerns of our district are heard and addressed at every level.

What would you like to accomplish in the next four years? Over the next four years, my goals as State Representative for District 57 is to champion education by elevating teachers’ pay and securing safer schools, while focusing on increased school performance and innovation. I will drive legislation for affordable homeowner’s insurance, and collaborate on vital levee and drainage projects. With a resilient approach, we will rebuild our district in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, advocate for progress, and ensure equal opportunities for all. My commitment to our community’s wellbeing, paired with my unique experience of helping my community in the capacity of Notary Public over the last 25 years, will drive positive change across education, disaster recovery, insurance and energy affordability, and innovative infrastructure projects. With resilience and commitment, we will rebuild, unite, and progress, while putting the needs and concerns of our community first. Together, we will navigate challenges, unite voices, and build a stronger future for District 57. In conclusion, my journey as a Louisiana Democratic Candidate for State House of Representatives is driven by a profound sense of duty and dedication, and my faith in God and hopes and aspirations for our future. With a lifetime of experience as a commissioned Louisiana Civil Law Notary Public and a college-degreed Paralegal, I am equipped to tackle the complex challenges facing our district. Together, we can propel forward with a collaborative vision that prioritize economic growth, social justice, international collaboration, technological advancement, environmental stewardship while balancing our efforts with becoming energy independent with affordable and sustainable energy, and accessible and affordable healthcare. It is time to embrace progress, and I am your representative on this transformative journey. Seeking your vote on or before October 14th, I remain sincerely, Michelle Sweeney – Candidate for State Representative for our District 57 in and for the River Parishes.