Letter to the Editor: The EPA is delaying the inevitable

Published 10:25 am Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Dear Editor,


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has obviously been a hot topic of debate in Louisiana so far this year. And after a long public comment period this summer, many believed (myself included) that the next step would be the EPA finally granting our state primacy over Class VI wells. Unfortunately, they have opened yet another comment period.

Ostensibly due to the passage of CCS-related legislation earlier this year – which, keep in mind, passed with plenty of time left to spare in the comment period – they have opened back up a 30-day comment period.

Didn’t we have ample time to comment before? Shouldn’t the passage of legislation that established important guidelines for CCS projects actually have compelled the EPA to move faster?

We’re growing impatient – and for good reason. Giving Louisiana primacy over Class VI Wells will authorize the state to enforce and govern our own energy projects, and allow for greater expansion of emissions-reducing technology. With primacy, Louisiana will build a strong CCS industry, expanding job opportunities throughout the state.

The EPA’s reopening of the comment period has nothing to do with Louisiana’s preparedness for regulatory authority. It’s purely a tactic to postpone the unavoidable outcome of Louisiana gaining primacy.

We have the potential to reverse the concerning trend of outmigration in Louisiana, and boost the economy in the process. But we need the EPA to stop delaying the inevitable.


DeShae Campbell