Letter to the Editor: Responsibility + Accountability = Positive Results

Published 11:32 am Wednesday, September 6, 2023

As teachers, we know there’s no silver bullet to make students more responsible over night, but if we don’t work with them where they are and support them in becoming more responsible, we can find ourselves very frustrated.
We know that teaching students to be responsible is important for their academic success, for building strong character, and for helping them be successful in life.
Responsibility and accountability go together like fried fish with that special side dish.
Mistakes and failures are a gift. Period. Instead of categorizing these moments as red flags, consider them teachable moments that lead to a better life. Kids need to understand to take ownership of their lives, both good and bad. Owning the bad means recognizing how our decisions affect our lives and the consequences that follow.
Remember, holding students accountable doesn’t mean negative reinforcement. On the contrary, positive reinforcement at every level is a glimpse of success that can instill honesty in your students.
Flip Side- adults must also align ourselves with accountability and hold ourselves responsible for the precious lives we are responsible for in school and at home.
As school employees, we have the children of our communities for at least eight hours each day from the time they travel to school and take part in learning from you that are qualified and trained to teach them how to become a successful citizen.
Accountability is a willingness to take responsibility for one’s actions, including the things we should do, should not have done, and when mistakes are made. An accountable person does not make excuses or place blame on others.
We all must realize that we must be accountable for one’s own actions; choosing to be one who takes responsibility when others may not think it is important.
Grandmother always said, two wrongs does not make a thing right.

Citizen Jean