Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve Voted by Louisianans As Top Pick for Labor Day BBQs (Poll)

Published 9:00 am Sunday, August 27, 2023

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  • Poll on Louisiana’s favorite locations for Labor Day BBQs/picnics.
  • City Park in New Orleans was the runner up.
  • Interactive map showing each state’s top pick for a Labor Day celebration.

Having a BBQ or picnic on this day has become a time-honored tradition among American families. It’s not just about sizzling steaks and zesty sides; it’s a flavorful tribute to the nation’s backbone, our hard-working souls. As we bid ‘so long’ to summer’s embrace, these BBQs and picnics represent a quintessential American toast to unity, prosperity, and the simple joys of life. So, why do we gather ’round the grill every Labor Day? Because nothing says ‘America’ quite like celebrating hard work with a side of smoky goodness!

As summer wanes on September 4th, many families choose to celebrate the last of the warm weather outdoors – but where is the best place to celebrate Labor Day? It’s a question posed to 3,000 families by, who polled respondents in each state to find out which location, in their experience, is the best to celebrate a Labor Day meal.

Louisianans’ top pick was Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve in Lafitte. The park’s unique blend of natural beauty, cultural history, and diverse ecosystems offers a captivating backdrop for a memorable outdoor gathering. Families can enjoy picnicking in the designated areas, surrounded by the park’s lush landscapes and historical significance. The park’s range of activities, including nature trails, boat tours, and cultural exhibits, provide engaging experiences for all ages before or after the meal.

The runner up was City Park in New Orleans. With its expansive green spaces and iconic oak trees, the park provides a dynamic backdrop that adds to the festive ambiance. Well-equipped picnic areas, complemented by shaded seating and open lawns, ensure a comfortable space for meals and relaxation. Children can enjoy playgrounds, and can join adults to stroll through the park’s gardens or even rent paddle boats on the park’s lagoons.

Interactive map showing each state’s top pick for a Labor Day celebration (click on ’embed’ to host on your site)

Each year, families across the nation come together to celebrate Labor Day in their unique way, reflecting the diverse spirit of America. No matter where we choose to celebrate, the essence remains the same: gratitude for the labor force that built this nation, and a desire to cherish the fleeting moments of summer!” says Rose Ackermann of