Creole Courtesy: Roadtrippers Say Louisianans Among America’s Best Drivers

Published 9:30 am Sunday, August 27, 2023

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  • Regular roadtrippers asked for their opinions on drivers from each state.
  • Louisiana drivers scored 6.8/10.
  • Interactive map showing how each state scored.

Every year, a multitude of studies are conducted that make use of quantifiable metrics to rank driving skills. They often focus on easily measurable statistics, such as the number of drunk drivers, instances of drowsy driving, or unlicensed drivers on the roads. While these data-driven methods provide valuable insights, they leave out a critical component: the firsthand experiences of those who spend the most time on the roads.

From Road Royalty to Racing RebelsGunther VW Delray decided to carry out a study to establish where America’s best and worst drivers reside. Instead of basing the study on numbers and statistics alone, they decided to focus on the authentic observations of seasoned roadtrippers. These are people who have journeyed across multiple states, experienced varied driving cultures, and encountered countless drivers in a myriad of situations, and have tons of jaw-dropping tales to share. Their experiences, often overlooked in traditional studies, offer an alternative view on driving behaviors across America. They therefore surveyed 3,000 of these regular roadtrippers, asking them to rate the overall driving skills of drivers in each state, on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 = the best driving), revealing some interesting results!

Crusing or Bruising? It was revealed that America’s worst drivers reside in the Yellowhammer State. If you’re cruising through Alabama, brace yourself for a rollercoaster of road antics, as Alabamians scored a lowly 5.7/10 (compared to a national average of 6.7). Driving in Alabama is not for the faint-hearted apparently – expect tailgaters who think they’re in a NASCAR race, speedsters who think traffic signs are just decoration, and road escapades that’ll have you spilling your coffee and gasping in disbelief. Alabama’s highways might offer scenic beauty, but the driving escapades you’ll witness are sure to give you more than a few wild tales to tell.

Creole Courtesy: Scoring 6.8/10, Louisiana drivers hover above the national average (6.7), solidifying their place among the country’s best motorists. In Louisiana, there’s an unspoken code of respect that permeates the roads, from the bustling streets of Baton Rouge to the serene bayous of Acadiana. Drivers here are often recognized for their willingness to yield, their unhurried approach at intersections, and their genuine nods of appreciation on the road. The state’s frequent rain showers and potential for sudden weather changes have also cultivated a community of motorists who understand the importance of caution and adaptability.  

Desert Diamonds: On the flip side, the highways of Nevada shimmer not just from the desert heat, but from the pure gold standard its drivers. Boasting a lofty score of 7.5/10, they’re proving to be America’s road royalty. Not only do they keep a hawk-eye on those speed limits, ensuring every mile is traveled safely, but they also master the art of safely crossing over lane. Their alertness? Unmatched. Every mirror check, every turn signal, every gentle press of the brake—it’s all a testament to their respect for the road and for their fellow drivers. In Nevada, it’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about ensuring everyone enjoys the journey and makes it home safely.