St. Charles Parish taxing bodies commit to roll back 5.3 Mills

Published 5:11 am Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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HAHNVILLE – The three taxing bodies of St. Charles Parish, including the Assessor’s Office and the Hospital Board, have all committed to roll back millages for a combined decrease of 5.3 mills, one the most substantial roll backs in recent years.

“Our parish tax roll has experienced year over year growth in valuation, allowing the taxing authorities to reduce the tax rates, while still delivering services,” said St. Charles Parish Assessor Tab Troxler.

Millage rates are tied to the amount residents pay in property taxes. By decreasing the millage rate, residents will see a reduction in the amount they owe on their property taxes next year. This year is unique, as a reduction in millage rates will still result in large increases in revenues for the taxing bodies.

“The economy of St. Charles Parish is strong. I am happy to report that we have reduced millage rates, offering relief to our residents and small business owners, while simultaneously generating more revenue to enhance services and support future growth,” said Parish President Matthew Jewell.

Most of the entities under the St. Charles Parish operating budget will see an estimated 15% increase in collected revenues in 2024. One mil in St. Charles Parish will now generate $2.16 million in revenue, a significant increase compared to $1.8 million per mill in 2022.

“As stewards of public funds, the St. Charles Parish School Board is held accountable by our taxpayers to be fiscally responsible. With property values having increased and expected to continue to do so, the Board determined it was possible to reduce the mills levied while still meeting the needs of the school system,” said School Board President, Art Aucoin.

Sheriff Greg Champagne added, “I am happy to announce that the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office will reduce its millage rate by .50 mills for 2023. This will result in savings to all of our property taxpayers that will be realized on citizens’ tax bills at the end of this year.”

Official millage roll backs have to be submitted to the Assessor’s Office and Legislative Auditor in September.