Registration open for Leadership River Region 2024

Published 3:32 am Sunday, August 6, 2023

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LAPLACE — Each year, up to 25 individuals are selected to participate in a ten-month educational program that includes an opening retreat, 7 monthly half-day sessions, and a class project. Participants receive in-depth exposure to the critical issues facing the river region parish community through lectures, discussion groups, on-site visits, simulations, and other leadership development activities. Issues to be addressed during the year include healthcare, government and law enforcement, regionalism, education, parish perspectives (2-part session) and arts and culture.


The location and format of each session is different. The program enables participants to develop their leadership capacities, build strong relationships, and prepare themselves to grow and engage their surrounding communities.


The Benefits


  • The program delivers quality leadership development through a range of dynamic speakers, discussions, and skill-building activities
  • Designed to broaden participant knowledge of the community while enhancing leadership skills
  • Extraordinary networking opportunities exclusive to class members
  • Inspires participants to take an active role in contributing to the community


The People


Participation is open to any individual who resides or works in River Region; however, the number of participants accepted each year is limited. Similar programs have participants that include corporate executives, educators, bankers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, homemakers, volunteers, retailers, physicians, elected officials, clergy, realtors, health care providers, firemen, police, parish council, tourism, a host of other industries, and YOU! Whether you are currently in a leadership role or just aspire to be, anyone invested in the future of the River Region can benefit from this program.