St. Charles Parish accepts more than $16M in grants to bolster drainage

Published 2:17 pm Saturday, July 22, 2023

HAHNVILLE – President Matthew Jewell and The St. Charles Parish Grants Office are thrilled to announce receiving two major grants, totaling $16,314,616. Resolutions approving the acceptance of the grants were unanimously passed at the July 10, 2023, Council Meeting.

“Our Grants Office does a fantastic job of seeking funds from State and Federal Programs to help us stretch local dollars and create solid infrastructure in St. Charles Parish,” President Matthew Jewell said. “Both projects align with the drainage master plan and will significantly improve drainage in flood-prone areas.”

The first grant allows for the construction of Montz Pump Station No. 1 and stems from Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Agency (CPRA) surplus funds. The $10 million award will be used to build a new pump station to serve the Montz community and discharge water into the Mississippi River. The station will also feature SCADA technology that allows the pumps to be monitored remotely by Public Works staff.

The Office of Community Development and Louisiana Watershed Initiative awarded the second grant for implementing Ormond Area Drainage Improvements. The mitigation funds, totaling $6,314,616, are dedicated to installing culverts along the Canadian National Railroad to increase overall drainage capacity and alleviate repetitive flooding in the Ormond neighborhood.

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