The awesomeness of God

Published 9:29 am Wednesday, July 12, 2023

His magnificent wonders beautify his entire creation. He took time to form and fashion it, making sure that the identity of who he is was expressed through it.


The awesomeness of our God can be found everywhere and through anything. It could be heard through the clapping of the leaves on a tree, the whistling of the wind’s breeze or the sound of the ocean waves. It could be near or far in the distance. No matter the distance it still doesn’t stop his awesomeness from being on display.


Along with his world’s creation he created you and me. In Psalms chapter 8 and the beginning of verse 4 it asks; what is man that you are mindful of him? My answer is God ‘s awesomeness occupying the earth!


It could be found in our talk. The way we forgive, love, give grace or compassion towards others and in many other ways. In living we should always keep an open mind of it, even when life tries to cloud it. By not allowing ourselves to become closed off and forgetting who God really is. He is powerful, divine, extraordinary, infinite, and omniscient. Here are just a few names but I could go on and on in describing who he is. I’m sure you can as well. Even when we aren’t paying attention to it, his awesomeness is there. It’s not going anywhere.


God is AWESOME and everything he created is also. So don’t ever forget it because it will help us on our life’s journey. God Bless!

January Scott is the author of four children’s books. Her most recent publication “Will There Ever Be A Mrs. Edna Again?” is about the love of her grandmother. She can be reached at 985-210-1231 or email