Teams compete in 2023 River Parish Swim League Invitational

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, July 12, 2023

DESTREHAN—The 2023 River Parish Swim League Invitational was held last weekend on July 7, 8, and 9 at Hill Heights Country Club with the theme “Swimmin’ In The USA.” The weekend consisted of six teams competing this year including: Hill Heights Hurricanes, Larayo Barracudas, LaVacherie Gators, Riverlands Stingrays, St. James Sailfish, and the Sunvilla Sharks.

According to River Parish Swim League President Darby Berthelot, “The River Parish Swim League operates under the following principles: To provide an environment that develops a love for swimming and fitness in each participant; to offer a positive competitive experience for both swimmer and parent; to provide coaching that allows new, as well as accomplished athletes, to improve their strokes and times throughout the season; to develop principles of teamwork, team spirit and sportsmanship throughout all age groups on the team.”

During the Invitational, scoring works as follows: swimmers compete on Friday and Saturday. The top 18 swimmers in every event and the top six relay teams will qualify for Sunday.

The meet started on Friday, July 8 with Events 1-12, the 100 Yard Individual Medley from ages 9 to 18 and 8 and under Freestyle. On Saturday, July 9, the meet opened with the Parade of Swimmers from each team, a prayer and pledge, and the National Anthem. Events 13-56 were swam by all age groups from ages 8 and under to 18 in all four strokes including: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. On Sunday, July 10, top 18 swimmers in each event swam that race again competing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. All the combined team scores added up after invitational from first to last includes: Larayo, LaVacherie, Hill Heights, St. James, SunVilla, Riverlands.

At the conclusion of the events on Sunday, the league saluted the 22 senior swimmers this year from the different teams including: Ian Arnett, Andrew Bouler, Christian Bouler, Kallie Bourgeois, Cameron Brady, John Chauvin, Braelyn Cottingham, Kassidy Crawford, Allyson Crowdus, Camryn Detiller, Olivia Dufresne, Paris Duhe, Payton Jones, Hunter Lowry, Bella Marix, Caeleigh Miller, Mia Oncale, Matthew Schexnayder, Joshua Stokes, Rinoa Swancey, Shea Waguespack, and Owen Weber.

The Swim League representatives are President Darby Berthelot, Secretary Brent Labat, and Treasurer Jane Chauvin. The Hill Heights Hurricanes are represented by Andrea Carter and Coached by Nicole Matherne and Michelle Rodriguez. The Larayo Barracudas are represented by Shane Dude and coached by Michelle Jensen, Kaitlyn Beier and Hannah Lowry. The LaVacherie Gators are represented by Kirby Folse and coached by Claire Rahm and Ethan Long. The Riverlands Stingrays are represented by Lindsey Vicknair and coached by Adrienne Faucheux, Trey Romaguera and Carter Ory. The St. James Sailfish are represented by Brent Labat and coached by Colby Schexnayder, Grace Forrestier, Camryn Detillier, Maya Macarty, Ethan Poche and Kate Olivier. The Sunvilla Sharks are represented by Angel Lawrence and coached by Layla Hinchman, Jake Steib and Lia Hinchman.