LA Freedom Caucus Supports Veto Session

Published 8:28 am Friday, July 7, 2023

To Override Wrongs Inflicted upon Louisiana by Governor Edwards’ Veto Pen

BATON ROUGE—The Louisiana Freedom Caucus (LAFC) supports bringing the legislature back into session to right certain wrongs Governor John Bel Edwards has once again inflicted upon Louisiana.

The number one most egregious veto strikes down a law that would protect minor children from suffering irreversible surgical procedures and puberty blockers used for the sole purpose of trying to change the child’s biological sex.

Another irresponsible Edwards veto would continue the over-taxation causing the economic devastation to our beloved Louisiana that has driven out business and caused our children to move to other states for employment. Further still, he vetoed a bill that creates an obstacle for a federal effort to replace the American dollar in Louisiana with a Central Bank Digital Currency controlled by the federal government. This form of digital money allows the federal government to control what you are allowed to spend your own money on, to assess fines and automatically deduct them from your account, and to determine how much of this money you actually have.

Edwards even vetoed bills that would require healthcare facilities to tell you up front what certain things will cost and to disclose that you are not required to have certain vaccinations.

For these and other reasons, the LAFC wholeheartedly supports the veto session and will work with others to inform and garner votes to override some of the most harmful Edwards vetoes.

“On his way out the door as a lame duck governor, John Bel Edwards has vetoed several bills which are badly needed by the people of Louisiana. He has vetoed common sense tax reform, protections for innocent children and bills that give law enforcement the tools they need to fight violent crime. The Louisiana Legislature has the ability and the duty to stand up for the people of Louisiana and overturn his hurtful vetoes. We are looking forward to convening on July 18,” said Louisiana Freedom Caucus Chairman Alan Seabaugh.

“The Louisiana Freedom Caucus is ready to lead the charge in overriding the liberal agenda of the governor. Protecting our children, eliminating unnecessary taxes, and restoring funding to conservative districts cut as a means of retribution will be our main priorities,” said Louisiana Freedom Caucus Vice Chairman Larry Frieman.

“The governor’s vetoes are evidence of ‘business as usual’ in Louisiana government. The status quo bars our citizens from better health and better opportunities and prevents our state from rising out of the pits of long-term federal government dependency. We have the authority to override. We should use it!” said Louisiana Freedom Caucus Secretary-Treasurer Beryl Amedée.