Shondrell Perrilloux announces candidacy for State Representative District 57

Published 8:30 am Monday, July 3, 2023



I, Shondrell Perrilloux, am writing to announce my candidacy for State Representative District 57. I am willing to sacrifice my time and energy to fight tirelessly for the people of St. John the Baptist and St. Charles parishes.

 My heritage runs deep within St. Charles and St. John the Baptist parishes. I am not the average politician whose words are not being fulfilled by action. My actions speak volumes because I have proven to be a person who gets results. I brought suit against the St. John the Baptist School Board to follow its own policies and procedures and the St. John the Baptist Government to update its outdated charter. 

 I earned a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. I have received numerous awards and recognitions; however, “I am not Perfect, but I have a Purpose.”  Ten years ago, I decided to qualify for State Representative to restructure and create opportunities for our community. My goal is to enhance the legislative system by introducing resolutions and influencing them to become law so the great citizens of our community would experience the “American Dream.”

My experience interacting with certain governmental systems created the motivation to become the Voice for Change. I intend to focus on Education, Economics, Environment, and Criminal Justice for “Reform.” It’s time for effective change with proven results. 

I am seeking your support. Thank you in advance. 

Truly, a “Change is Gonna Come,”

Shondrell Perrilloux