Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus (LLBC) Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Decision Gutting College Admissions Affirmative Action Policy

Published 6:51 am Friday, June 30, 2023

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BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA Unfortunately, history has shown us, and even in this present time, “We the people”, has never truly included ALL people.

Affirmative action wasn’t just about color. It was about ensuring fair and equal access in areas such as higher education for a race of people who had/have long been denied the opportunity to better themselves.

Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse affirmative action for college-based admissions is not only a setback for all people of color, but it painfully dismisses the decades of work and advancements by our ancestors who fought and lost their lives to ensure equality for all.

Despite our nation’s highest court system getting it wrong, the LLBC will continue to advocate for equal and fair resources for the advancement of all minorities throughout Louisiana. We will uplift. We will prevail. We will overcome, said Chairman Vincent J. Pierre on the sentiments of LLBC members.