(The Center Square) — An appeal can go forward that could lead to Louisiana redrawing congressional districts following a U.S. Supreme Court decision announced Monday morning.

The Louisiana case, Ardoin v. Robinson, had been “frozen” by the high court last summer, allowing the midterms to proceed. At issue in decisions by lower courts was whether voting power of Blacks had been weakened.

The case in the Bayou State was held until a decision on a case in Alabama was reached. In that, justices did release a 5-4 opinion earlier this month that favored Black voters.

The appeal of Ardoin v. Robinson can proceed at the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, meaning before next year’s congressional elections.

Monday’s decision was one of a number of cases the justices rendered decisions on, though there were no opinions released. These were orders of the court, in many cases deciding that the justices would not take up the cases.

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