Summertime safety tips offered

Published 4:06 pm Saturday, June 24, 2023



While the warm weather, camps and vacations may have already begun – this week marked the official start to Summer. And though it is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and have fun, Summer also comes with certain risks; so Attorney General Jeff Landry is offering some safety tips.
“Summer is a great time of exploration and adventure for our kids, but we must protect them,” explained Attorney General Landry, “I encourage all parents and guardians to take precautions so our State’s kids can have a safe and enjoyable Summer.”

Attorney General Landry offers the following summertime safety measures:

· Play it cool. Limit physical activity to cooler parts of the day and stay hydrated.

· Protect your skin. Wear sunscreen, dress in protective clothing when outside, try to seek shade, and use bug repellant.

· Swim smart. Know the water conditions, wear life jackets, supervise young swimmers, and never swim alone.

· Use caution on playgrounds. Be aware of where your kids are playing and at what height, and check if the equipment is too hot or if there are wasp and hornet nests in the area.

· Stay secure online. Be vigilant, post carefully, protect identity, do not meet up with strangers, and report suspicious or uncomfortable behavior.

Additionally, Attorney General Landry once again encourages caregivers to practice car safety as Louisiana remains one of the top states in the Nation to suffer hot car deaths.



Jeff Landry is the elected attorney general of Louisiana.