Published 9:08 am Wednesday, June 21, 2023


A few [St. John the Baptist Parish School Board] meetings back a discussion came up about working on Board Policies.
5D [of School Board Meeting Procedures, located at stjohnschools.org]  says “Upon the agenda being closed, the superintendent shall immediately prepare the written agenda and forward the same by electronic mail to each member of the School Board, the superintendent, the School Board’s General Counsel, and all newspapers and television and radio stations who have submitted a written request for such notification and agenda. The superintendent shall, at the same time, post a copy of the agenda on the front door of the School Board office building, and on the School Board’s official website, and have copies available for interested citizens. In the event that electronic mail is not available, other options of delivery to School Board members include: United States mail (postage prepaid) or hand delivery.”
What we have here is definitely a Mass-Miscommunication.
The Board really needs to check into contracting with BoardDocs to keep the citizens engaged in what is going on at the meetings. The School Board’s Facebook information is talking about everything from the Cook Off, the Juneteenth Celebration, as well as the training by an administrator; it would be nice to learn of teacher trainings, especially trainings for new teachers.
Leaving the citizens in the dark continually has created some different thinking and leaving room for concerned citizens to go elsewhere for information. We need to check the font. When something actually appears in the paper it is there to be read. Also, the font on the website is too small.
Hopefully we will be ready to start the year off in a most positive process.
Parents, I hear you. You need to become more visible at board meetings and get involved with your children by asking questions this year about classes and the work your children are going to be doing. Come out and meet the teachers.

Citizen Jean
Concern Citizen