Antoine Michael Jasmine announces candidacy for Louisiana State Representative, House District 57

Published 9:01 am Wednesday, June 21, 2023


LAPLACE — It is with great humility that I, Antoine Michael Jasmine, announce my candidacy for Louisiana State Representative, with the Louisiana House of Representatives, House District 57, encompassing the parishes of St. John the Baptist and St. Charles Parishes. I am a native and reside in LaPlace, LA. I graduated from Reserve Christian High School, and a graduate of Delgado Community College, earning an Associate Degree in Business Administration, also a graduate of Day Spring Christian University, earning a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling, and a graduate of Betsheda Biblical Institute, earning a Doctorate Degree of Divinity. My most heartfelt accomplishment is Choice International Ministries Family Outreach Center, where I am the General Overseer, and the proud owner of AMJ Enterprises and AMJ Trends.

As a lifelong resident and native of District 57, I have engaged in working with local, state, and national community elected officials, business owners, community leaders, faith-based organizations, religious groups, activists, and social organizations regarding the well-being of our residents’ lives. It is with passion that I render my experience to work for the citizens of our district to assist standing government leaders in the educational, recreational, disaster relief & response arenas, assist with the enhancements of levee protection, and prison reformation. In my journey as a General Overseer, I have witnessed citizens’ concerns and have taken the proper measures to reach resolutions resulting in a better quality of life for families. It has always been my position to be a servant and to serve my community with best practices that would impact our district in a positive way.

During Hurricane Ida, along with other past storms, I led a team of first responders to ensure the safety of all residents throughout the Tri-Parishes areas by providing food, shelter, and other needs for survival at that time. My community partnerships afforded me an opportunity to provide initial Disaster Response and during the aftermath, Disaster Relief to citizens.

My track record with the children and youths within our district assists with my qualifications to further our next generation into areas that will be consistent with their work studies in the classroom. I have a comprehensive mentorship program entitled, Call to Duty, that will encompass life skills that will prepare our children and youths with such an etiquette that will compel them to be productive adults. The Call to Duty Mentorship Program has a history of success stories and it is my belief our community will benefit greatly from experiencing the core of trained mentorship.

I am ready to work for my district and rally for the residents of District 57 during the Legislative Sessions. I am ready to solve problems that will affect and impact the lives of families in our communities. I am ready to vote for laws that will assist our residents in daily living regarding health insurance, taxes, employment, and other areas that are important for a better quality of life. I am ready to be the difference. I am ready to work with all parties for the greater good of District 57. I am ready to carry the torch to help brighten the lives of our fellow citizens. I am ready to become your next Louisiana State Representative for District 57.

I humbly ask for your prayers and support during my candidacy. It is my contention that what “concerns you, concerns me.” Our district is heavily rooted in long traditions such as family, faith, public service, and community which are considered as important values.  I promise to uphold my office with the utmost integrity, honesty, and loyalty. My leadership has been a trailblazer in our communities for many years. I am focused-driven, resilient, and proven results have been my record. It is with this appeal, I most-heartily believe, when “One Win, We All Win.” I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration for your vote.