Change inside creates change outside

Published 1:58 pm Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Change can be uncomfortable.  The longer something or someone stays the same, the more challenging it can be for change to take place. The will of wanting it makes the process a bit easier because God works with our will. Change is a vital part of our growth.

After change took place in me, I was able to change my surroundings by what happened in me. Sometimes, we may want the outside to change without changing what is happening in us first. There is an order to change. Without this order the expected results won’t ever present itself. It’s a cause-and-effect ripple. I make the decision to change, create new habits and then my life changes.

With no change my life stays the same. A butterfly isn’t a butterfly without the life cycle of change.  Growth takes place before a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis. Work needed to be done in us can be done by God’s holy word through his Holy Spirit. The word of God tears down but also rebuilds and cleanses. The rebuilding of our mind, and the cleansing of our spirit and soul must take place. When this takes place our appetite changes. It is a clear sign that change has and is taking place in us. We no longer desire the same, but we have a longing for change. Change is not a one-time thing. It must be done on a consistent basis. The more we allow it the more we will see it in our life. May the order of change be embedded in our mind, spirit, and soul. That change may begin is us so that we will be surrounded by it. God Bless!

January Scott is the author of four children’s books. Her most recent publication is “Will There Ever Be A Mrs. Edna Again?” about the love of her grandmother. She can be reached at (985) 210-1231 or email