New Orleans to Shreveport (via U.S. Route 61 and Interstate 49) Rated as America’s 54th Best Weekend Road Trip

Published 3:16 pm Tuesday, June 6, 2023

  • National poll of road trippers identifies the 100 best weekend road trips in America.
  • Louisiana has two of the nation’s favorite weekend road trips. 
  • Infographic showing America’s 100 favorite weekend road trips.

In recent years, weekend road trips have experienced a surge in popularity among families. These mini-getaways offer a refreshing escape that combines adventure, flexibility, quality time spent together, all at a significantly lower cost compared to conventional summer beach destinations.

Gunther Motor Company carried out a survey of 3,000 regular road trippers to find out the most popular 100 weekend road trips they would most like to experience in summer 2023.

In first place came a New York road trip – leaving from New York City to Niagara Falls via Interstate 87 and 90. This route showcases New York’s diverse landscapes and attractions. Starting in NYC, you can visit famous sites like Times Square and Central Park, then head north. Interstate 87 provides views of the stunning Adirondack Mountains and outdoor activities, while Interstate 90 passes through scenic towns and historic sites. The journey ends at Niagara Falls, a breathtaking natural wonder, where you can take a boat tour or enjoy the view from observation decks. This approximately 400-mile trip takes about 7 to 8 hours.

In second place came a 4 to 5 hour road trip based in Colorado – leaving from Colorado Springs to Dinosaur National Monument via US-40. The route goes through scenic mountain passes, charming mountain towns, and expansive valleys, offering stunning vistas and opportunities for outdoor exploration. Along the way, you can visit attractions like the historic town of Steamboat Springs, renowned for its hot springs and outdoor activities, and the unique geological formations of the Yampa River Valley.

The Las Vegas to Great Basin National Park (via U.S. Route 93) weekend road trip emerged as 3rd favorite. This route takes you through stunning desert scenery, with vast stretches of open road and panoramic views of mountains and valleys. Along the way, you can make stops at unique attractions like the Extraterrestrial Highway, known for its UFO sightings and Area 51 lore. As you approach Great Basin National Park, you’ll be greeted by the majestic Wheeler Peak, the park’s highest point, and the breathtaking Lehman Caves, a subterranean wonder filled with stunning limestone formations. The roadtrip typically takes around 4 to 5 hours to drive the approximately 300-mile route from Las Vegas to Great Basin National Park.

Texas is home to the 4th most popular road trip in America. The Dallas to Big Bend National Park via U.S. Route 67 road trip takes you through charming small towns, rolling hills, and stretches of open countryside, offering glimpses of Texas’ rich history and natural wonders. Along the way, you can explore attractions such as Fort Richardson State Park, known for its historic military fort and scenic beauty, and the Davis Mountains State Park, offering stunning hiking trails and panoramic views. The road trip takes around eight to ten hours to drive the approximately 500-mile route from Dallas to Big Bend National Park. This road trip is an ideal way to experience the vastness, natural beauty, and rugged charm of Texas.

And rounding up the top 5 came another New York road trip, starting off in Albany to Lake Placid (via Interstate 87). Here you’ll witness the picturesque landscapes of the Adirondack Mountains, charming small towns, and stunning natural attractions along the way. Additionally, you’ll encounter historical sites, such as Fort Ticonderoga, and cultural attractions like the Hyde Collection Art Museum, providing a blend of history and art.

The state of Louisiana’s New Orleans to Shreveport via U.S. Route 61 and Interstate 49 road trip was voted as America’s 54th favorite weekend road trip. Starting in New Orleans, known for its vibrant music, distinct cuisine, and rich cultural heritage, you can explore the historic French Quarter, indulge in delicious Creole and Cajun dishes, and experience the lively atmosphere of the city. As you make your way north on U.S. Route 61, also known as the “Blues Highway,” you’ll pass through charming small towns and scenic landscapes, immersing yourself in the soulful spirit of Louisiana. Along the route, you can make stops in Baton Rouge, the state capital, and explore its historic sites and vibrant arts scene. Continuing on Interstate 49, you’ll traverse the picturesque countryside and encounter the unique blend of Louisiana’s rich history, natural beauty, and Southern charm. Shreveport, located near the Texas border, offers a taste of Cajun and Creole culture, along with casinos, riverfront entertainment, and a vibrant nightlife.

And the Baton Rouge to Monroe via U.S. Route 61 and Interstate 20 weekend road trip was rated as the 60th best nationally. As you embark on this adventure, you’ll witness the rich tapestry of Louisiana’s landscapes, from the vibrant capital city of Baton Rouge to the charming towns and picturesque countryside along the way. The route takes you through the heart of Cajun and Creole country, where you can savor mouthwatering cuisine, immerse yourself in lively music scenes, and explore the vibrant culture of the region. The road trip also offers opportunities to delve into the breathtaking natural beauty of Louisiana, with chances to explore wildlife refuges and scenic bayous.

Infographic showing America’s 100 favorite weekend road trips

America is a treasure trove of interesting and diverse weekend road trips. From the towering mountains and vast plains, to vibrant cities and charming small towns, each journey paints a unique portrait of our nation’s rich tapestry. Every route has its own story to tell, fostering an exploration that unveils the heart and soul of America” says Joseph Gunther IV of Gunther Motor Company.