Some circumstances are uncontrollable

Published 12:19 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Ever had something that bothered you so much it woke you up a couple of times during the night? I have. Following one such night, I started my day still trying to figure out a situation that was truly out of my control.

After dropping my granddaughter Adeline off at school, a thought dropped into my heart. This is one of the ways God speaks to me. It’s not audible, but it’s an idea contrary to my current environment or my normal thought pattern. I’ve learned to pay attention to these promptings. This time it seemed strange, ‘Go to the carwash.’

From my position in the driver’s seat, my car didn’t seem dirty, even though I had been to the ballpark the night before. Yet, the thought wouldn’t leave. So, I drove less than a mile to the carwash.

The attendant waved his arm to guide me onto the automatic track. This did nothing to help my anxiety.

“Put it in neutral. Hands off the wheel, foot off the brake.” He only said the instructions once, but they echoed in my heart. Put it in neutral. Hands off the wheel, foot off the brake.

My car then began the wash cycle. I sat there, unable to see beyond the soap and brushes which did their job of wiping away the dust my car had picked up.

I got the message.

I was troubled by a circumstance I couldn’t change. The only thing I could control was my response. I put myself in neutral and prayed. I took my hands off the wheel and determined I would not try to steer things in the direction I would go. Nor would I press the brake when prompted to act.

And once again, God met me just where I was and soothed my soul.


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