Regional Science & Social Studies Fair winners announced

Published 2:01 am Saturday, May 20, 2023

RESERVE — The following St. John the Baptist Parish students secured top placements in the regional and state science and social studies fairs.


Science Fair Regional Winners


Junior Division:

Kiley Cosey, Second Place Animal Science

Lauren Arceneaux, Second Place, Biomedical and Health Sciences

Rani Johnson, Second Place, Behavioral and Health Sciences

Kylee Williams, First Place, Chemistry

Aiden Coleman, First Place, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Cordarryl Albert, First Place, Engineering Mechanics

Sarai Gaines, First Place, Microbiology

Victoria Carter, First Place, Microbiology

Tramain Evans, First Place, Mathematics

Ro’Loni Joseph, First Place, Materials Science

Juan Alexander, First Place, Materials Science

Hayden Gordon, First Place, Physics and Astronomy

Justin Torres, Second Place, Physics and Astronomy

Devaughn Gross, First Place, Plant Sciences

Lamar Grover, Second Place, Plant Sciences

Matthew Bocage, First Place, Robotics and Intelligent Machines


Senior Division:

Heaven Trepagnier, First Place, Biomedical and Health Science

Alaycia Cannon, First Place, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Kendrick Harrell, First Place, Microbiology

Kylin Smith, First Place, Materials Science

Darrious Patterson, First Place, Materials Science

Natalia Barnett, First Place, Physics and Astronomy

Nevaeh Dewey, First Place, Plant Sciences

Ty Gordon, First Place, Plant Sciences



Regional Social Studies Fair winners

Division I

Roselyn Lopez, First Place, Anthropology

Donald Nixon, Second Place, Anthropology

Jai Jasmine, First Place, Economics – SPED

Jason Ray, Second Place, Geography

Chance Wordlaw, Second Place, Louisiana History

Ashley Medina, Third Place, Louisiana History

Madison George, First Place, Political Science

Leroy Paul, Third Place, Political Science,

Emmely Eras, Third Place, Sociology


Division II

Jah Anderson and Dernell Nelson, Second Place, Political Science – Group

Veronica Mayeux, First Place, Anthropology

Kenzie Smith, First Place, Economics

Michaela Davis, Second Place, History

Sofia Perez, Second Place, Political Science


Division III

Jayden Bailey, First Place, Economics


State Social Studies Fair Winners

Division I

Jason Ray, Second Place, Geography

Donald Nixon, Second Place, Anthropology


Division III

Jayden Bailey, Third Place, Economics

** Research Paper Award