Being grateful for the years gone by & welcoming the ones to come

Published 12:12 pm Thursday, May 18, 2023

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When my daughter Victoria was five years old, she told everyone she was six. I corrected her, and she ran to her sister pleading, “Monique, Momma thinks I’m five, but I know I’m six. I’ve been counting my birthdays.” On her sixth birthday, she was upset that I didn’t put seven candles on her cake.

On the other hand, my grandmother once claimed to be a year younger than her birth certificate documented. I didn’t correct her.

I just turned 64 and today I don’t want to be one year younger or older. I’m grateful to have had these years and will welcome 65.

The list of people whose lives have been tragically cut short is endless.  I refuse to complain about getting older; it’s a blessing.

I want to squeeze all the life I can out of each day of the years I’ve been granted.  I’m determined to live this life to the fullest.  There are no ordinary days for me, every day holds something extraordinary if I just open my eyes and look for it.

Whatever your age, celebrate; and celebrate the ages of those around you!  I love the children, for their energy and enthusiasm invigorates me.  I love the young adults.  In them, I see parts of my past and I am flooded with memories of life when my own children were babies.  And I especially love those who have journeyed on this path of life a little longer than I have.  They know where the road may twist and turn and where the potholes may lie. If I stay close and glean from their wisdom, I am sure to learn something.

May God grant more years to your life and more life to your years.

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