LA Treasury Annual Unclaimed Property Event at Lakeside Shopping Center

Published 6:29 am Tuesday, April 18, 2023

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BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana State Treasurer John M. Schroder is pleased to announce the Annual Unclaimed Property Event at Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie on Saturday, May 13, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

Treasury staff will be stationed at the mall’s center court to help people search for their missing money in Louisiana Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Program. In most cases, filing a claim is easy. Experts will be available to assist with more complicated cases. Please bring valid proof of identity and any necessary documentation with you.

During the same event in 2022, Treasury helped give back more than $420,000 to the rightful owners. Currently, there is more than $1 billion in Louisiana Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Program and $300 million is owed to residents in the Greater New Orleans area.

Unclaimed property funds come from businesses that turn over millions of dollars in unclaimed cash, stocks, bonds, securities and insurance proceeds to the Louisiana State Treasurer’s office. These funds include payroll checks, old bank accounts, royalties, utility deposits, interest payments, stock certificates and life insurance proceeds.

One in six Louisianans has unclaimed property, with claims averaging $900. One of the main reasons an item becomes unclaimed property is an incorrect or old address.

Treasurer Schroder is available for interviews to discuss the event and to encourage residents to participate. To request an interview with the Treasurer, contact Pam Matassa at or (225) 432-9299.