Scott: We will have what we say

Published 7:45 am Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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Words are powerful. They were used to create an entire world when God spoke. (Genesis 1).

 He created the heavens and earth, then the formation of what he spoke came into existence.

  My life is my own little world. One that God gave me dominion and power over through my words and decisions. We will talk about decisions another time, but for now, the focus is on our words.

God’s holy word is his blueprint that we should follow if we belong to him. I am a witness from experience that he would never lead us in the wrong direction.

 I speak what I want to see in my life. Just as God spoke, when I speak my life begins to take the form or shape of what I am speaking.

 In the process of this new formation, a disruption happens. Some things are being removed while others are being added. It looks a mess, but what I have spoken is cleaning it up.

After the reconstruction process has taken place, my life in that area then begins to manifest into what I have spoken. My repeated words have cultivated it into my own beautiful, peaceful place. It exists in spite of being in a world that is sometimes filled with chaos.

 God’s peace is one that only he can give. It is very important the words released into the atmosphere are positive. Once released, they begin to form into what has been said.

 Idle words–ones without a God given purpose–can bring forth unwanted consequences in our life. However, these words can be cancelled with a simple prayer of asking for God’s forgiveness. By his power and spirit, in Jesus’ name, he will cancel every one of them that has been spoken.

There’s a saying, “We will have what we say.” I have learned to believe this wholeheartedly. I will have it is the will of God for my life in Jesus’ name!

Yes! I will have what I say! How about you? God Bless!


January Scott is the author of four children’s books. Her most recent publication “Will There Ever Be A Mrs. Edna Again?” is about the love of her grandmother. She can be reached at 985-210-1231 or by email at