Some things don’t change

Published 7:42 am Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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When a few of my grandchildren were teenagers, they wanted to write articles in the L’OBSERVATEUR like I do, so four of them started a group called “Straight Talk from Straight Kids.”  My grandson, Geoffrey Michel, published the following article in October of 1998.  Please allow me to share it with you.




I recently read a story about a quadriplegic Joni Eareck-son Tada.  After she was nominated to serve on a national committee, she had to undergo an investigation which included being fingerprinted.  The only problem was that the agent found it impossible to fingerprint her.  Confused, she asked if this was a common problem.  The agent explained that the only people without prints are people who never use their hands.  He went on to add that carpenters, bricklayers, typists, homemakers and anyone else who uses their hands a lot would have good prints.  It reminds me of the expression, “Use it or lose it.”


            That story really speaks a lot to me because I have many goals for my life.  No matter what profession I go into, I want to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.  I realize that the only way this will be possible is to use the gifts that God has placed in me.  I can work hard and pray hard and always look for ways to bless and serve others.  I want God to use me as I go through this life, leaving behind evidence that points to Jesus.


            A person without fingerprints leaves no marks, no prints, no evidence of where they have been.  And a person who is lazy and doesn’t use the gifts God has placed in them will not leave any marks in this life.


            My prayer for my generation is that we will live up to our full potential and use all of our abilities to serve God and others.


I think the article is as timely now as it was over 20 years ago.


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