Did you know that exhaust fans cause many home fires?

Published 8:18 am Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Exhaust fans are not only located in bathrooms, but you can also find them above the stovetop, laundry rooms, and attic spaces. These fans typically have a small 1 amp pull on the motor. However, when the motor stalls due to the build-up of lint and debris, the current can increase to about 10 amps, resulting in a fire. Over time, these exhaust fans become congested, creating more fuel for a fire.
A few ways to prevent this from happening are to:
⏲️ Install a timer (optimal run time is between 15-20 minutes)
🌬️ Maintain regular cleaning and inspection (every 6 months to one year)
👂🏽 Always keep an ear out for strange noises coming from the fan or the smell of smoke.