Voting open to help local artist reach the Red Carpet

Published 2:10 am Saturday, April 8, 2023

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LAPLACE — Gino Joubert of LaPlace refused to listen to the naysayers who told him it would be foolish to rekindle his passion for music at his age.

By following his dream, Joubert propelled his career to new heights and earned nominations in five categories of the International Singer-Songwriters Association’s annual awards.

The public can help Joubert reach the Red Carpet Awards Show in Atlanta this August by voting online once per day on up to three devices through April 30 at The top 30 finalists will be announced on May 2.

Joubert has been nominated in the following categories: Male Vocalist of the Year, USA Male Rising Star, USA Male Singer of the Year for “Time for a Change”, USA Male Songwriter of the Year, and Male Music Video of the Year for “Hamster Wheel.”

“When you are nominated for national and international awards, it just catapults your career in so many ways because so many opportunities open up to you,” Joubert said. “I’m extremely humbled and grateful. That means people are appreciating my contributions to the world of music.”

Last year, Joubert released his single “Time for a Change” in response to a world burdened with war, natural disasters, injustice and addiction. The song has been in the top 10 of the American Independent charts for more than a year, and Joubert believes that listeners across the globe have resonated with his message that a change of heart is achieved through thought, belief and action.

“I sing that song with true conviction,” he said. “The message in the song is dear to my heart, and I think people could feel what I feel.”

Joubert fell in love with music after he taught himself piano inside of Tulane’s rehearsal hall in the early 1990s. That gave way to writing music, and weaving together lyrics soon became a way for Joubert to seek his own truth. His early music centered on budding love has evolved over time with commentary on society and the pursuit of happiness.

His newest single “Hamster Wheel,” nominated for Male Music Video of the Year in the ISSA Awards, examines how easy it is to fall into the monotony of a routine-filled life. Through his lyrics, Joubert encourages the listener to take a step back and ask, “Isn’t there more to life than this?”

“Hamster Wheel” was co-produced/engineered by fellow musician Daniel O Bailey, a former resident of LaPlace.

This fall, Joubert and Bailey will embark on a tour across the United States with Ohio-based band The Southern Outlaws, who recently performed live at Superbowl LVII. The musicians will support the Disabled American Veterans charity while on tour.

“Gino and I have been collaborating for a year now, and since we’ve met, things have been uphill,” Bailey said. “We first worked on an instrumental together called ‘Haunted Forest’. Then we worked together on his song ‘Hamster Wheel’, and I play guitar, bass, and co-produced/engineer that song. He also connected me with lots of musicians and with Rock Stars of Tomorrow in Houma, where Gino and I both teach classes and where I’ll be engineering Gino’s next single for the tour. I’m excited about this tour, and I’m excited for Gino! He’s a fine songwriter, a good musician and a great friend. He deserves to win these awards, and I think he just might. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Joubert said collaboration with other artists has been a highlight of his career.

“What you want to do in the music industry, especially if you’re going the indie artist route like I am and not trying to get on with a label, is partner with another artist or group that you have some synergy with,” Joubert said. “Like with anything in this world, the more you collaborate with like-minded people, the better chance you have of achieving your goals.”

On Wednesday, April 12, Joubert will divulge industry secrets to teach indie artists how to protect their music and their brand during an educational workshop from 6 to 8 p.m. with Rock Stars of Tomorrow at 895 Verret St. in Houma.

Joubert’s music can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Pandora and other music outlets.

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