Maturing as a Christian

Published 1:53 am Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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I was always a religious person, but didn’t have a relationship with Jesus.  I attended church weekly with my family and thought that was being a Christian.  It wasn’t until I was challenged at age 45 about being born-again that my eyes were opened.


It was on the second Sunday of October, 1980, that I realized being religious (going to church) was a good practice to know about God, but still, not having a relationship with His Son, Jesus, is what the Bible talks about when you’re born-again.


When I became born-again, I knew I was a different person.  The Bible says that you become a new person and the old Harold is dead.  It was then that I became a Christian.


Being a Christian felt good.  My thoughts and actions changed.  God immediately took away my vulgar mouth.  I was forgiven for all that I had done and felt free.


I wanted my family and friends to feel what I had experienced.  I didn’t realize it at first, but I became self-righteous.  I began thinking highly of myself and while trying to witness to others, I turned off a few people.  I then heard someone say that God has more tolerance for an honest sinner than a self-righteous Christian.


The only performance that makes any of us acceptable to God is based on Christ’s performance on the cross.  The righteousness that saves us is imputed – not earned.  We don’t have any right to be self-righteous.


I would like to think that I’ve matured as a Christian.


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