Business Brunching with Queens

Published 9:01 am Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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EDGARD – I was given a vision from God to help Him give women like me chances to be seen or heard. To not be afraid to seek help and get out of those places where I once was. He knew I would be a great candidate to create something special.

We are a small community and not much help is given, so we should come together. Since sharing my story of becoming a teen mother at sixteen and dropping out of school, but over coming the obstacles, many women have reached out with their own stories. They were the inspiration to do a “Women’s Business Brunch.”

The event featured several guest speakers sharing their own journeys in becoming an entrepreneur and the various roads taken. It was a small affair, but the experience and knowledge shared was of great value to the women seeking to find help in their journey.

The event also included food, drinks, hosts, a DJ, photographer and much more.

The message I wished everyone to take away, and it is not exclusive to women, is to follow your dreams. Don’t just settle because you think your situation won’t get better.

The best advice I can give everyone is, trust in God and let Him lead and guide you.

One of my favorite biblical verses is John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way to the truth and the life.” God will make a way but you have to show that you’re willing to follow Him.

As women, we should not be in competition with each other. It is women like me that are willing to go the extra mile to assist.

Looking toward the future is to continue to speak with and help women overcome, achieve, heal, release and grow not just mentally but physically and spiritually. I would like to extend my reach to youth of the community. They need mentors that can show them that they do not need to be afraid and they can achieve more in life without facing it alone.

I have a team of women, but more are welcome, because the greater the team, the more we can accomplish. I look forward to working with other women and collaborating to make our community better.


Latoya Washington is a resident of St. John Parish. She can be reached at