Directions may change, but not the destination

Published 9:19 am Friday, March 10, 2023

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 Life Turns: One definition for turn according to the Oxford’s English Dictionary is to change direction when moving. 

Life turns happen to all of us at one point or another during our life’s journey. Sometimes when we think life is going well and we are on our way, something abruptly happens and causes a change in our direction. 

Whether it is good or bad, change is still required. Sometimes it is unexpected. The trauma from the unexpected turn can cause an interruption in our mental state. In regards to the way thoughts in our mind are organized concerning the path we are currently on. 

When a life turn presents itself, we must first embrace that one has happened. Then reorganize our thoughts concerning the new direction or life change. Lastly apply the appropriate changes to make the turn successfully. While doing all of this never lose sight of, or the hope of, the intended destination. 

We must remember even though the direction has changed the location of the destination hasn’t. It is still waiting to be reached. Life turns are inevitable. They are a part of life. The experiences help to shape us into the best version of ourselves if we let it. 

When life turns, do so with it. Don’t stop! Keep going! We can’t avoid them, but we surely can survive them! 

January Scott is the author of 4 children’s books. Her most recent publication is “Will There Ever Be A Mrs. Edna, Again?” about the love of her grandmother. She can be reached at (985) 210-1231 or email