St. James Parish Library Supervisor awarded the Board of Library Examiners Certification

Published 9:59 am Saturday, February 25, 2023

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St James Parish is proud to announce that Keri Walker Tramonte, St James Parish Library Supervisor, has been awarded the Board of Library Examiners Certification.
Today, February 25th, marks Keri’s ten-year anniversary with St James Parish Libraries. In that time, she has worked tirelessly to promote literacy, grow our library programs, and support our community. Keri’s prestigious certification from the Board of Library Examiners is a testament to her dedication to the field of library science and her commitment to providing quality library services to our local community.
Parish President Dufresne is pleased to share this announcement, as it marks not only a big occasion for one of our St James Parish employees, but for St James Parish as a whole. He said, “It is so fitting to share this announcement on Keri’s ten-year anniversary. Keri has dedicated a decade to making our libraries the best they can be, and she’s done an amazing job. By pursuing and achieving this certification, Keri has not only achieved a rewarding personal accomplishment, but she is also bringing new opportunities to our libraries and our community.”
This prestigious certification is only offered to librarians with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and three years of executive experience. The examination includes both oral and written components and covers aspects of public library service such as organization and administration, financial operations, and standards for library service. Examinees must meet continuing education requirements as established by the State Board of Library Examiners to maintain their certification.
Keri is committed to bringing new opportunities to St James Parish Libraries. She said, “When I was hired, I made a vow to myself to get the degrees, the certifications, and all of the training I needed to be able to give my very best to the library. I thought that as a parish, we deserved it. I know this certification will unlock certain doors for us (such as being able to hire library student interns) that will only make us better. The best is yet to come for St James Parish Libraries!”
Keri double-majored in anthropology & sociology and history at Agna Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. She then went on to earn her master’s in library science (MLIS) at Louisiana State University. Keri is also a 2018 graduate of Leadership River Region. In addition to her position as Library Supervisor, Keri is an entrepreneur and businesswoman – owning and operating The Ferry Landing Cafe, a local coffee shop.
Parish President Dufresne went on to say, “Keri’s dedication to her work and her commitment to furthering her education and professional development make her a valuable asset to the library community. I’m looking forward to watching her grow and watching our libraries grow.”
St James Parish Government and Parish President Pete Dufresne congratulate Keri on this achievement and look forward to her continued contributions to St James Parish as a whole.
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