St. Charles Parish 2022 UCR Crime Statistics

Published 12:49 pm Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that crime showed a modest increase in St. Charles Parish during the calendar year 2022.

From January through December of 2022, the total number of crimes according to Uniform Crime Reports (U.C.R.) rose from 1213 in 2021 to 1279 in 2022 – a 5.4% increase.

According to Sheriff Greg Champagne, “The positive news, is that the crime rate is still relatively low. 2022 was the second-best (lowest) crime year in the last 26 years with 2021 being the best.”

The F.B.I. tracks crime as reported by local law enforcement in seven categories – murder, rape, robbery, assault, theft, and burglary and auto theft.

From 2021 to 2022, the following changes in crime are noted:

CRIME CATEGORY      2021          2022    Percentage Change

Murder 8 5 -37.5% decrease
Rape 5 3 -40% decrease
Robbery 20 22 10%
Assault 547 544 -0.5% decrease
Burglary 136 126 -7.4% decrease
Theft 440 499 13.4%
Auto Theft 57 80 28.8%


TOTAL                             1213          1279    5.4%


“The two areas primarily responsible for the increase in crime are in the categories of thefts and auto thefts,” Sheriff Champagne noted. Murders and rapes have decreased.

This is still a team effort.  I urge our residents not to become complacent.  Please, be vigilant and most importantly, secure your belongings and property!  Many of the reported thefts were a result of unlocked vehicles and valuables left unattended in easily accessible places.

There is no one factor that leads to a rise in crime, but rather a totality of circumstances. Sheriff Champagne continued by stating, “The men and women of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office are well-trained, dedicated, and motivated. They take crime prevention and apprehension personally and seriously as they work, live, and raise their families here as well.”

“Technology and social media play an important role as well in our prevention and apprehension efforts. We continue to have the full cooperation and assistance of District Attorney Joel Chiasson and his staff. Our partnership is essential in the fight against crime. Also, many years of community outreach through the DARE Program, School Resource Officer Program, Sheriff’s Summer Camp, and our many juvenile justice initiatives continue to solidify the already positive relationships we have built with the young people of St. Charles Parish. This cannot be understated and is vital in preventing crime.”

“We will continue to be vigilant and appreciate the cooperation of the people of St. Charles Parish, who in most cases do not hesitate to provide information about suspicious behavior, actual and potential crime, and the perpetrators thereof.  This is not the case in many other jurisdictions. Cooperation and assistance from the public is essential in the fight against crime,” Sheriff Champagne concluded.

One of the main goals for the men and women of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office is to provide the highest quality of law enforcement services to enhance safety in our community and prevent crime.  The men and women of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office accomplish this by engaging with the public, enforcing laws, and patrolling neighborhoods.  It is an honor to serve the citizens of St. Charles Parish and with everyone’s help, we can continue to maintain St. Charles Parish as one of the best and safest places to live, work and play in South Louisiana.