Southeast LA – Courtesy Vehicle Inspections, February 16

Published 7:30 am Sunday, February 12, 2023

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Don’t let your first interaction with DOTD be on the side of the road!

LMTA’s Safety Management Council (SMC) is excited to announce that our second Courtesy Vehicle Inspection will be held outside of Hammond in the southeast region of the state on Thursday, February 16. Registration is free, and can be completed through the provided links.


These inspections allow participants to work directly with the Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development (DOTD) and other station officials to identify and educate members of the types of issues analyzed during an inspection.


The Feb. 16 meeting will begin held at the Baptist Scales located outside of Hammond, LA (Baptist Weight Scales on I-12 Hammond, LA 70403).  The group will meet for breakfast for 7:30 am at the Cracker Barrel on 201 Westin Oaks Dr in Hammond, LA.


DOTD officials activated the selected checkpoint, signaling the trucks traveling nearby to be inspected. Each vehicle is inspected for issues and violations by participating LMTA members and officers from DOTD. While these inspections are treated just as seriously as any official assessment since there are for educational purposes, violations are typically not issued. Drivers are always given a copy of the inspection form.


PLEASE NOTE: The officers on duty always hold final discretion to issue violations, especially when they pose a serious risk to public safety.


Each Courtesy Vehicle Inspection starts with breakfast – with both participants from the LMTA and DOTD in attendance. These meetings provide a valuable opportunity for drivers and industry members to build a relationship with regulators in a casual and professional environment. Occasionally during these breakfast meetings, a speaker or presenter may be introduced. After breakfast, the group travels to the scales to perform inspections throughout the morning.


Who should attend: Drivers, safety managers, driver trainers, and all levels of your organization that engage with DOTD regularly!